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Organized Arkham Horror LCG Event: Labyrinths of Lunacy!


Myself and another would be interested in playing. I have played before, but I’m no expert, and he has never played. I have cards up to the The Forgotten Age.I don’t know if you already have enough players though.


At this point we have so many showing interest you should all just show up at 5pm and we’ll have a super arkham party! Let’s take over and get everyone excited about our awesome game! Like Mark said we could run 2 LoL so don’t get discouraged. I am simply making my deck when I got my team, but if you are worried about bringing your player cards roll the dice and bring one or two decks, we will make it work. Otherwise, bring your player cards and we will build together! I will post a pic of myself in the morning showing you how I will be dressed and I will stake out the area and make signs. Can’t wait to see you all and make be friends!


Hi! Where’s the game?


Hello! We’re setting up for the game right now across from and nearby the expo area. Please look for a balloon and a bright blue play mat. Hopefully you’ll find us pretty easily.

Expected start time is currently 6pm local time, please check in with us so we know if you want to play. First come, first serve. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the awesome experience. I’m really bummed that I had to leave early at least Jenny went out doing what loved best: dressing to the nines, hanging with her homie Leo & being awesome busting skill checks.
I hope that my lovingly crafted note will be framed and put on display somewhere.


You were all so amazing, words can’t describe how grateful I am for all of your efforts. I can’t believe we won the labyrinths of lunacy! My pic is a little blurry but the memories will never be.

Edit: actually my glasses were smudged, not blurry at lol


That was a truly epic experience. I realized after the game ended that I don’t know the names of the folks in my group with me (Group A).

I can’t wait to come back year and do something like that again!


It was a lovely note, indeed. :grin:

(Warning for those intending to play LoL scenario, spoilers in the photo)


I loved that one time when the Yoricks hung out in a portal together.


When we (Group A) sent our Yorick into the Rift for the first time, we fully expected to get a different Yorick back.


I don’t usually roleplay while playing AHLCG. But, the idea that Yorick knew there were Yoricks in the portal, and he just wanted to meet himself, was too good to pass up on. I may not have ended up needing that care package you sent through the vent, but the teddybear was still very welcome.

Thanks so much to everyone that showed up, with a big special thanks to Sanjuro for putting the whole dang thing together. After 2 years of running into him doing Arkham LCG, I want to keep that trend going. Safe travels, and I hope to see you all next week.

This was, without a doubt, the highlight of the con for me.


This was the highlight of the con for me too! :grin:

I was so hungry after we finished but didn’t feel it at all during the game because I was so absorbed. Remember when we thought we could play LoL then a campaign afterwards? :laughing:

@fylion did you mean that you hope to see us next year? If so, I do too!


Oh wow, that’s almost a year worth of typo in there. I might hope to see everyone next week, but that’s unrealistic. We’ll aim for next SHUX instead :stuck_out_tongue: