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Organized Arkham Horror LCG Event: Labyrinths of Lunacy!


i can make the 5pm on Saturday (^_^) if there’s still room! it took me a while to figure it out :sweat_smile:


Hi! I’m bringing my entire collection as well, including my sleeved copy of Labyrinths of Lunacy so we will have a third. I will assist have plenty of player cards to help folks build investigators.

I am also interested in follow-up scenarios; perhaps Carcosa! I’ll bring everything I have.

Mark Pettit (markkawika on BGG, where I saw this post originally).


Hey, I need to drop from the campaign.

I’m still absolutely in for LoL, though!


@nikotte Awesome, added you to to LoL event!

@markkawika You’re the man mark! With both our collections we should have no problem - thanks a TON! I put you down for the 4 man run I am doing afterwards but don’t feel obligated if we have lots of people interested and running a separate 4 man, I will leave that decision up to you - otherwise we can do a killer run through Carcosa :smiley:

@fylion Roger that, I edited to reflect - can’t wait to meet you!


@sanjuro I could also run another 4-man if there is enough demand from experienced players who want to play through a campaign.


David and Dite would be interested playing LoL. We can bring our own player decks!


Awesome. Added you guys! Can’t wait to see you

  1. Putting a Yorick deck together for this
  2. Do I need to bring chaos tokens for this?

I don’t leave for SHUX until Friday evening so there’s still a bit of time for me t ograb things.


I had a look at some decks on the site, but couldn’t find anything suitable for the packs I have, and unlikely to have time to make my own between other con activities. Unless someone has some spare deck’s I’m happy to bow out to someone more experienced.


You could or get one of the chaos token bag app. I figured the apps will be perfect.


Mark and I will have our full sets. I think one person is taking a deck from my collection, I could throw something together for you if you like.


I’m rather late to the party… but I’d be interested in joining in for LoL if a space opens up. I have my own cards and also have a spare copy of LoL if it were needed.


Since I’m going to do my damnedest to take part in this does anyone have deck suggestions? To this point I’ve just been using the suggested builds from the start guide.
I’m guessing I should bring a couple sets just to be safe.


The builds in the starting guide are pretty bad, and I really don’t recommend them. arkhamdb.com has some good decklists that you can use (or build off from).

And remember you’ve got 10-19 XP worth of cards to add, plus another basic weakness.

Full disclosure: I’m using that site to sift through the cards and start with a baseline of cards for Yorick, rather than trying to evaluate everything myself all at once. It’s a good site.


I was thinking about doing the same and then filling in some randoms for whatever sets I’m missing.


I have a Yorick deck built. Is the uniqueness across all 3 games? Or just within the same game?

If necessary, I can build an Ursula Downs deck.


I’m building a Jenny “BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG” Barnes deck since she did me well for the Arkham Horror Rev3 playthrough.


So one of the other sessions I’d signed up for (Runesaga of the Northsea) finally has a time and looks like it’s going to clash, so I’m going to bow out of this sorry.


@Tika It’s not across all tables, just yours. You should be fine.


FYI all, there will be enough people there with full sets of cards that if you don’t have an investigator deck built, one of us can help you put one together.

If enough people bring Labyrinths of Lunacy, and there are enough drop-ins, we might be able to run two complete run-throughs. You don’t need a full twelve to run a three-table Labyrinths of Lunacy Epic mode event.