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Organized Arkham Horror LCG Event: Labyrinths of Lunacy!


Saturday 5 pm Freeplay Hall Available.

I saw the event schedule and a ton of things end by 5pm. Although mega games will be going it should actually free up some space in the free play areas.

Labyrinths of Lunacy (LoL) Scenario

Labyrinths of Lunacy has three teams of up to 4 investigators go head to head against an unspeakable predicament. Together, all three teams try to survive together sometimes working together and other times…

I know other people have created posts talking about this but we need a central place to organize head counts as well as determine what level of play people are and whether or not they are bringing decks. (as per page 19 on rules of reference we are playing with 10-19 experience points +1 additional weakness)


I will be bringing my entire collection including enough player cards for up to 4 players as well as a copy of 'LoL '.


Once people start messaging I will Edit the post and add your information filling in the 12 player slots! First come first serve. If it does get filled up don’t be afraid to post and say what you are bringing, other groups can form and some people may not show up!! Either way you will be able to reference this post to see!


If any seasoned investigators would like to do 4 man FRESH constructed runs of Return to Night of the Zealot, The Dunwhich Legacy, or Path to Carcosa. MAKE SURE TO SAY YOU ARE ALSO INTERESTED IN THIS GROUP. We will begin after the Labyrinths event and go until done!


Still respond to the post! If you are new and we can’t fill slots I do not mind teaching you! You can play in MY group and I have decks ready to go for you! HOWEVER, if we do fill up with experienced players with their decks ready to go I can’t make any guarantees. More people are coming that range from all experience levels, make some friends and do some runs right after LoL!

Thanks Everyone, this was the most effective way I could imagine organizing this. If you have suggestions or groups to add to this thread like facebook or boardgamegeek let me know and I will get on it. Thanks everyone!

-Michael Collins AKA Sanjuro


(copies of LoL, 3 of 3)
1 copy. Michael aka Sanjuro
2 copy. Fylion
3 copy. markkawika

Labyrinths of Lunacy Event:
1 Michael aka Sanjuro
2 Fylion
3 Tika
4 Cam
5 Jen
6 Simian - Tentative
7 Seryn - Tentative
8 markkawika
9 nikotte
10 david
11 dite

Fresh Constructed Campaign Run: FULL
1 Michael aka Sanjuro
2 Jen (Tentative)
3 Cam
4 markkawika

Labryinths of Lunacy at Shux'18


Fylion here. I’d consider myself “Intermediate” - I play through campaigns on Normal and usually do okay on the first playthrough. I haven’t played LoL before but this seems like the good time to do it. I can bring a copy of LoL plus my own player cards (as I’m flying to the event it’ll just be my own deck I construct).

I’d be up for a run of Carcosa or Dunwich after (though definitely not on Expert!). I could supply my own player cards for that too but we’d need someone’s scenario cards.


Awesome! I edited the post to reflect a clarification on Intermediate, as long as you have played a few games and are familiar with the rules that is just fine - just gotta be able to play the game with relative ease. I will put you down for bringing a copy of LoL. If I don’t find anymore who want to do an Expert run through than I am more than happy to play a normal run through!

Thank you for responding!


I’m bringing a deck and have intermediate experience. I know the rules pretty well, and also how to look them up quickly if there’s any ambiguity. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t have LoL but am planning to bring Carnevale of Horrors and Curse of the Rougarou.

I might also be interested in playing through a campaign, but I’ll have to check the schedule. I know I’ll have to go to the Math Trade in the afternoon but hopefully that won’t take too long.


Awesome, I will put you down for both LoL and the 4 player run! We can probably work around the math trade since others might also be involved.

Thanks for responding!


I’m not confident enough yet in my skills to toss my name in but I’ll drop by and act as the live studio audience slash hype man for the teams between sessions.


Saturday 5 pm Freeplay Hall Available.

I saw the event schedule and a ton of things end by 5pm. Although mega games will be going it should actually free up some space in the free play areas.


You can add me (Cam) and maybe my girlfriend (Jen) - our chunk of the megagame is due to be done by 4:30pm, so we can run right down. We’re intermediate/advanced players (couple times through Dunwich, almost done Carcosa) and can bring our own decks. We’ve only got a single core, so not enough player cards to share, sorry!

Once we get closer to a player count, maybe start organizing who wants to play which investigators? We aren’t going to have time to throw together 19 points decks in the 30 minutes between games.

Guess we’re still looking for two more copies of LoL?


So is the price of admission a copy of LoL and the player deck does the group just need 2 decks in total? I’m thinking I might be able to play through a couple games before the weekend in order to get myself up to ‘intermediate / not-making-a-total-ass-of-themselves’ level of competency.


Hey Cam!

Perfect! Labyrinths of Lunacy is played with 3 teams of investigators. Of course the max is 12 (4 on each team) total players BUT it can still be played as three groups! MEANING, you can play LoL with a minimum of 3 teams of 1, with only 1 person on each team.

So we can just keep filling up to 12 and if we don’t get 12 we simply separate evenly to create three teams! I love this game…

So far we have 2 copies of LoL, just need one more, HOWEVER, I am going to be playing Arkham regardless. I would more than be happy to have you and Jen join Tika and myself!

I am going to have my collection there and have 2x copies of the base game (double the core cards) and 1x of each expansion up to Lost expedition deluxe. All this means is I have enough cards for 4 players - in case of overlap like two people wanting two copies, no problem, write the info on a sheet of paper and slip it in another card!

One of you can make a deck from mine and use your core solely!

As far has investigator, great idea, however save the building with your team so you can discuss strategy.

I will make updates to the post if you want to say what investigators you like, or wait, whatever is easier :smile.

EDIT: I forgot to add Fylion to the campaign game post LoL, so we only have one seat for that. I can put you on list and if someone drops bring Jen in (a lot can happen between now and Saturday). Reminder, this is about the game AFTER LoL for a campaign run - you are both fine for LoL at 5pm and one of you can make a deck from my collection no problem.


Hey Simian,

Haha, you don’t have to bring anything but cards for your investigator! That sounds like a good plan, we just need a good general understanding of the rules WELL. You don’t have to be good to have fun and play, that’s not what gaming is about :smiley:

LoL is played in three teams, 3-12 players works fine.

Want me to add you to the list for the LoL event?


Hey everyone!

We got 6 spots of 12 filled! That’s half full!

The campaign run that I am doing after LoL is full with one person already on stand by, However, other people can run games if they bring scenario packs! We’ll see by the end of tomorrow.

Get your trench coats ready and your machetes sharpened…


Ahh but I don’t want to miss the late night Q&A! I’m still in for LoL but will probably not do the campaign run. Or I might come back from the panel and possibly start one with @nikotte. :slight_smile:


Mark me as tentative with intentions to join in. My only blocker is that I 630-700ish is my cut off so I can get home and do the parent thing. Depending on what I’m doing on Saturday I might juggle some stuff to come in late but stay later.


Tika dropped out of the campaign game, so you and Jen have a seat if you want :smiley:


I’m tentatively interested in LoL. I have the base game & Dunwich that I can bring, but I’ve only played through the base and that was some time ago, so I’m pretty rusty.

I can bring my stuff along but would I need to make a deck beforehand, or is that something we can do collaboratively?


If you like building decks you could do it beforehand. Otherwise you can probably just grab something from arkhamdb.com

As @sanjuro said above, we are using decks with 10-19 XP (1 additional basic weakness).

I have a combat-heavy William Yorick deck built, but I also have an investigation-heavy Ursula Downs deck I could switch to if others want to play combat decks.


Jumping in the thread in case a newbie game gets going. Planning on bringing a copy of the game with me either way :slight_smile:


@LilFett Awesome! I am hoping people who aren’t responding to this will show up and more games of arkham can break out. I love hanging out and playing with new players!


Don’t worry so much about not coming because you don’t see a third copy of Labyrinths of Lunacy, if push comes to shove I will just simply buy one there lol. We are making this happen :slight_smile: