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Oceans at Shux 19

Anyone interested in trying out Oceans?

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Oh me me me!

Yeah! Let’s do it. :partying_face:

Do you want to set up a time, or just play it by ear?

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Shall we just play it by ear? I’m happy to work around you, currently I’ve zero plans but I could easily end up doing some events/panels again.

Yeah, I haven’t made any plans either. I’m just poking around this site and trying to figure out how it works. We’ll play it by ear.

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I’d be up for giving this a go!

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Sweet! Do you want to set up a time? I’m flexible right now, so you can name any time.

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Hmm… I think the only time I can’t do as of right now is Saturday evening(there’s a concert downtown I want to go to). How about Friday afternoon?

I would love to try it out! I have a group of 3, and we are all interested.
Right now our only commitment is a mega game Saturday evening, would you be available earlier on Saturday, or possibly Sunday?