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Non violent miniatures games?

Having tried many times to lure my partner into the world of tabletop wargaming, I had a chat with her about what might interest her about miniatures gaming. She wasn’t too sure but came up with some reasons why the games I play don’t interest her:

  • Not really interested in combat games
  • Doesn’t like complex games with a lot of rules
  • Not a fan of “tech-y” (her word) games or anything involving machines, would be far more interested in games involving animals (as an example).
  • Racing & sports games don’t interest her

I’ve not had much luck in finding anything that would satisfy all of those criteria - just finding anything that doesn’t involve combat of any kind is hard enough. The closest I can find is Tusk: Mammoth Hunting which isn’t non-violent of course, but does satisfy the other criteria and she said that was closer to what she might enjoy playing.

Any suggestions?

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Stuffed Fables?

Admittedly, there is some potential violence (read:likely violence). But the minis are amazing, and there’s leeway for house-rules.

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Not sure if the theme is what she would be looking for, but interesting nonetheless. Thanks!

I can’t really think of any tabletop wargames that don’t involve combat, so maybe you need to really pull on the possible draw of the positives. For a low entry tabletop wargame with animals, I would recommend the Burrows and Badgers skirmish game.

The rules aren’t that complex, and the models by Oathsworn Miniatures are fantastic.

I’m struggling with this because “miniature game” is nearly always some sort of combat game in my head. If you’re looking for a game that has miniatures on the board but doesn’t involve combat, I would recommend My Little Scythe. While it does have combat, it’s restricted to pie-throwing fights.

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Yeah it’s a tough one - basically every single one has combat because there aren’t many other types of game that require the same spatial element - seems quite limiting to me, surely there must be a non-combat minis game? My little scythe is definitely in the category of ‘board games’ rather than ‘miniatures game’ for me but suggestion appreciated!

I just ordered this so one of my more “conflict averse” friends could play games with my normally more ruthless and bloodthirsty bunch. Perhaps this is what you’re looking for. It’s sort of a miniature game in that it utilizes them, but the game itself is more worker placement than a game of combat and maneuver (of course one could argue that a “game of maneuver” is exactly what a worker placement game is :smirk: ). There is some danger in the sense that there are “enemies” actively trying to stop your ship, but I am unsure as to whether you actively fight them, or are constrained to mitigate damage through more passive means (I read the description to mean that the ship can escape, but not fight). Anyway, you can take a look and see what you think.

Maybe you are looking for an Area Control game that happens to have miniatures?

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Inis feels like it might be a good fit. It’s a feisty game but not one I’d describe as violent.

[EDIT] Anyone able to chime in about Vindication?

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Among the first wargames were basically aristocrat officers using toy/model soldiers and simulating a battle. Miniature wargaming has evolved from that.


I guess maybe it’s worth asking what makes a game a “miniature game” in your mind? I’m not trying to be hostile but I really am not sure where to go if My Little Scythe doesn’t count. Are you looking for a broader selection of minis to be used?

You’re quite right to ask, I wasn’t exactly clear about what constitutes a miniatures game. To me the miniatures have to be in scale to the board or area they are being played on (so I guess it would be a scale miniatures game).

For instance I would consider something like Imperial Assault to be a miniatures game, because the board the models interact with isn’t an abstract area - it’s a defined space and you measure their movement through it as if they were actually moving through it. You can do things such as drawing line of sight to other models. Contrasted to something like My Little Scythe where there are models but the board is a large map where movement isn’t as granular and you don’t need to do anything such as drawing line of sight or measuring distances.

I hope this makes sense, and I don’t expect everyone will have the same definition.


Definitely helps, thanks for the clarity. Though man, am I now stumped.

[EDIT] Far, far more effort and prep required here but most RPGs support true miniatures play and there are more and more systems coming out that are explicitly built around non-combat gameplay.


You could buy Tokaido and the miniatures expansion
but this is WAY outside what you’re asking for…

The real rub is that now suddenly all I can suggest are racing games. Some of them violent! :crazy_face:

Perhaps, but what RPG uses miniatures to indicate positioning and line of sight that does not have a combat oriented focus?

In theory, just about any of them. Thinking grander scale, interactive map style stuff, where maybe there’s a caravan attempting to traverse some weird or hostile environment, but there is no hope in fighting, only running… this is literally just brain farts now and likely highly unhelpful, but such is the power and flexibility of RPG gaming.

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I guess I’m just not seeing it. I can understand the concept of such a game, yes, but not how miniatures would do anything to enhance things from a positioning point of view. I guess perhaps in a stealth function, where you essentially lose if you are seen by enemy units. Skips combat entirely and just assumes it goes bad for you if you are detected :slight_smile:

Which brings Specter Ops to mind…

I mean, I wasn’t really seeing it either, just throwing spitballs. I dont see the appeal of minis in RPGs with combat, personally, but there would be plenty of ways to incorporate them while also simulating scale, etc.

It’s a challenging request since miniatures games are generally wargames or board games, or incorporate sport or racing themes. A conundrum!

Yeh, this was all I could think of, as if you’re in “combat”, you’ve gone wrong.

Other than that, maybe Raptor? There’s stuff you could describe as “combat”, but it’s quite dissimilar to standard miniatures combat.

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