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Nominations--Best of 2016 SU&SD Pearple's Choice (Unofficial)


Hey all!

*** NOMINATIONS are CLOSED! Please vote in the Pearple’s Choice Best of 2016 VOTING THREAD! ***

As this year winds down in its horrible, terrible, very bad fashion, one thing remaining to look forward to are the inevitable end-of-the-year best-of-the-year shenanigans most all enthusiast hobby websites indulge in!

And if I type that with a certain amount of exasperation, it’s only because this ritual has become a little rote in my view–there are only so many top 10 lists a hobby enthusiast can digest, and it’s nice to get a little variety.

So–being the resident lover of our website’s polling features–I figured, why not mix it up and give democracy a try? It hasn’t disappointed us yet…right? :neutral_face:

Anyhoo–rather than me undemocratically electing a slate of potential candidates, I thought we could have a nominations thread, leave it open for a week, and then follow it up with a voting thread! And this time, voting will be done right–no need to restrict to a top 10, no need to cast a vote for just a single game–let the people’s voice ring true, unfettered by false binaries…!

So, post up your nominations here–but keep in mind THIS THREAD IS FOR NOMINATIONS, NOT VOTES! So if you see your pick on the list already, no need to repeat.

Only requirement is that the game was published in 2016. Reprints and second editions are valid in my book.

So go to! What was your best game of 2016?

EDIT: Oops! Forgot about expansions–but just throw them on here, too, and we’ll vote for best expansion as well!


I may or may not vote for any of these, but I think they should be considered:

Captain Sonar
HMS Dolores
Dead of Winter the Long Night


T.I.M.E Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons
Mansions of Madness: Second Edition


Looking at my collection, the only two I have that came out this year are Beyond Baker Street and Odin’s Ravens.

Can I nominate the Ashes expansions as they all came out this year, even if the base game didn’t …


My best game of 2016 is Archaeology: The New Expedition. It is also the only one I have played… but it still counts, right? (I am still catching up on playing the best games of the last 30 years!)


I’ll throw out a few titles–some because I like them, some because they’d generated a lot of buzz…

Star Wars: Rebellion
Cry Havoc
Sekigahara (reprint)
Mechs vs Minions
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
Junk Art
Vast: The Crystal Caverns
Evolution: Climate
Dead Last


Yeah, Scythe must be on the list. Fantastic, fantastic game.


I concur.


Hand of the King feels like a solid late in the year entry.
Codenames: Pictures surely deserves a mention, even if it barely delineates from the base game.
Automobiles has a charm
Falling Sky caused a lot of talk
13 days was just a brilliant bit of distillation
Animals on board was surprisingly lovely, particularly when renamed 'Noah’s Non-Heteronormative Ark’
Go Cuckoo was tiny magic

Also The Grizzled and Mysterium both got adroit expansions, if we want to open that kettle of fish.

I’m just listening things I liked enough to buy and still like though (and that haven’t already been mentioned). But this is nominations, not voting, right?

If I only get to nominate one, I’d go with 13 days, just in case it’s gone under too many people’s radars.


Yup, nominate away, @Alexava --my plan is to drop these all in a big ol’ poll, and let people have at it. …with votes, that is.

So there’s no limit–if the nominations get too voluminous, I may split things up into different heats or something, but we’ll see what we get.


My two picks:
T.I.M.E. Stories I really liked that one, I played the Asylum case. I even consider buying it for myself, but it is annoying because I pay a lot of money for something I already played…
Incan Gold I loved Incan Gold soo much, just awesome.

My friends have Inis and Blood Rage though so I hope to play them this year, may I’ll add something :wink:


I’m not sure I’ve even played a game that was released in 2016…


Ok, so, here are my nominations:

Mansions of Madness 2nd - It’s just great, it really is.
Tides of Madness - More madness, more quality.
Star Wars: Rebellion - It’s like War of The Ring, but Star Wars.
Hands In The Sea - It’s like A Few Acres of Snow, but the Punic Wars
Arkham Horror: The Card Game - A little early to tell, but this one feels like an absolute winner.
Secret Hitler - Kicks The Resistance to the curb and has given me one of the best gaming moments in my life.
Liberty or Death/Falling Sky - They’re kind of the same, but totally not!
Conflict of Heroes: Guadecanal - A brilliant entry in a brilliant series
Scythe - nothing more to add on this one!

Other than that, I’d like to play my copy of The Others that’s waiting at my parent’s house for me before the end of the year, had some good reviews - especially from Zee at the Dice Tower who won’t stop talking about it!. I’d also like to give Cry Havoc a go before the end!


* psst *, @COMaestro…if you need a crib sheet, you can look here


Link’s broken. :wink:

The only one I can think of right now that hasn’t already been mentioned is Tin Goose. (And I already went through this exercise when I brought over some games to a friend of mine who wanted to knock out some 2016 games for a blog post on the topic) I’ve been nodding along with enough of the other nominations that I can tell this is going to be a brutal poll.


Aside from some games which have already been mentioned:

  • Medici (Grail Games edition)
  • Via Nebula
  • Guilds of London
  • Karmaka

I also wanted to add Crisis based on a dummy game I played by myself learning the rules to teach, but haven’t got it to the table yet!


I love Scythe too. Just love the way your personal board-type thing changes almost every time you play. Every time I have played it so far, I have had a different strategy and have felt as though I am learning the game anew. Even the extra home bases put in for the Japan and Britain expansion work because there is a player advantage that lets you inhabit unused home bases.

Its’ downside is that there is a bit of ‘looking at my minigame’ involved, but I have also played games where we have had to watch what everyone is doing because every move they make affects your game.


Oops! I think I fixed it–but in case it’s not working, it’s really just a BGG advanced search for games published in 2016, sorted by Geek Rating. (Sorting by Board Game Rank and Avg. Rating is also interesting, though not necessarily better).


I managed to make it work when the link was broken. There’s 45 flippin’ pages in there, man! I ain’t going through all of them. However, in the 4-5 pages I did look through, I have not played nor own a single one of them. I may own the base game of some expansions that have been released, but that’s it.


For the expansions section – Sushi Go Party!