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Ni No Kuni Two-ni!


After so many delays and tantalizing bits of gameplay footage, Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom finally comes out this friday (in NA, at least). Did any of you play the first game? What are you looking forward to? Do you miss Drippy already?


Gah… I didn’t get to play the first one because I never get consoles. But I looove Ghibli so much! Going to watch the trailer for no. 2 now…


I don’t believe that Ghibli is actually involved this time around, even if the game still uses an art style very reminiscent of Ghibli films.

I’ve pre-ordered the game on Steam, and I’m looking forward to playing it on Friday! I hope the PC port turns out to be decent…


It looks REALLY good and I’m honestly counting down the days til friday. I was on break last week and I couldn’t bring myself to commit to anything else. Just did some Lego Worlds to keep my brain busy.


You’re right, they’re not directly tied in this time. Apparently Ghibli really wanted to get into games with the first one, but have changed business practices and didn’t want to get directly involved. Level 5 do have a former Ghibli composer for the score and animator for the character design, though. The spirit is there, too, I think.

The reviews I’ve seen have all been of the Steam version so i think you’re in good hands. =)

Here’s some of the kingdom building aspect


I didn’t get the first one due to no longer having a Playstation however I am very very keen on picking this up on PC.


Hey all, what are your thoughts on the game now that it has been out? I have shied away from JRPGs recently, mostly tired of grind that is usually required. Is this game respectful of your time?


Did anyone buy it/try it? I was going to, but it’s so expensive! I can only imagine the horror of buying it full price in australia!


I picked it up and I’ve played it for a few hours. I like it, so far, but with some reservations. The main one being that the combat is incredibly simple and has grown rather boring to me after just a few hours of play. It’s very basic action combat - you just mash on the attack button until all the enemies are dead. No strategy or thought required.

Other than that, I’m enjoying the game! It looks beautiful, and the story has potential. I’m still in tutorial-y bits, so I don’t want to render a final judgement on the game yet.