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Netrunner beginner question


Im thinking about getting into netrunner with a friend. Im not planning on playing tournaments or anything like that, just friendly 1v1 games with 1 or 2 different people occasionally. Can I get a decent experience out of the revised core box and one or 2 of the datapacks/big box expansions? Im a person who was fine playing arkham horror lcg with only 1 base box for 2 players. I dont need the total deck construction experience.

I have Codex and like it alot but Im looking for a nice competitive alternative to the summon monster Magic the Gathering style of game.

Also, are there any really good/fun expansions for beginners to get if i only get 1 or 2 to split between 2 people?



To play casual I would ignore the small datapacks. Get the core and any of the 4 big packs (the 5th is Netrunner’s swan song). Each of the big packs focus on a single faction on either side (except the fourth one, which focuses on one corp faction and some wild runners, as there’s one more corp than runner factions). As such, for a full rounded card selection you’d need all 4 big packs, but you’ll at least want the big packs for your favourite factions. The core box shows the basic approach of each corp/runner, but is very limited in how you can adapt a pack. Each big pack concentrates on providing for the main strategies for each side, giving you more options in what each faction is truly capable of.

The small datapacks are mainly there to adjust the meta for tournament play. Get them if you like, but the core and big packs are already a lot of money.

Lastly, FFG has lost the license for Netrunner, so the big packs are hard to find and are shooting up in price. But there will be plenty of people selling full collections, so keep an eye out on eBay and you should be able to get a massive collection for a big discount. Downside is it means paying a lot upfront, but you can get ~50% discount in total (e.g. a £300 set for £150).