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Netrunner at SHUX with Terminal7 - 2018 Edition!


Hello Netrunner fans and soon-to-be fans who are bound for SHUX!

Terminal7 and the local Vancouver Netrunner meta are going to host some Netrunner meetups at SHUX! We’re currently thinking these times, but will update if anything changes:

Friday: 4 - 6pm

Saturday: 10:30am - 12:30pm

Sunday: 1 - 3pm

We’ll set up … somewhere visible in the “Toasty Fireside Freeplay” and run some games of Netrunner. We’ll have our normal decks, some teaching decks but also a very spicy surprise!

At the final Netrunner Worlds tournament this year, they debuted a 3 Runner vs 1 Corp format and we managed to get a hold of a few of the fancy Corp IDs, so we’re going to be packing them! And we’ll have heaps and heaps of prizes for any and all who come visit.

Details about the format are below! If you wanted to bring your own NAPD Corp deck, we’d be delighted to lend you an NAPD ID and play against you. Otherwise, just bring a normal Runner deck and two pals with the same (or even just bring your meat bod and we’ll loan you a deck and maybe even some friends)

Details about the format are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rsBkxQvYvcxvDiBUqnkL20zsSN9hukeZskl8DCA9GpI

And of course you can just bring some normal decks for normal games too =)

Hope to see some of you fine folks again and even more excitingly, meet some folks for the first time!

-Nels, Jesse and Keith


Definitely going to swing by and check this out. I’m firmly novice though so I hope you’re ready to face the power of a Pre-Revision Core Set deck.


If anyone at Shux still needs R&R let me know, I have an extra copy (CAD 45).


Hey there, Stephan. I’m looking for a copy if you still have one!


Great, do you want to meet at Registration Booth at 9.30 am? Or suggest an alternative!


@stephan.koenig Registration might be too early for me to get you the cash. Will you be at the 4-6 netrunner session? Or the Terminal 7 panel?


Both probably, let’s try 4 pm at the Netrunner event! Just checking here: I want R&R to go to someone who does not have it yet. You don’t own a copy yet?


@stephan.koenig no, I don’t have a copy yet. Good of
you to ask though!


Cool. Im at the panel right now. I’m wearing an orange zip up hoodie. Try to find me after the panel.


Crap I must have just missed you… Im going to get some change and try to find you at the toasty area?


Couldn’t find you before the 4 o’clock panel I’m going to. Will check back in the netrunner area after this gets out. I’m wearing a West Seattle Cyberpunks shirt with an angry Darwin on it :grin:


I was just at the Netrunner table but couldn’t find you, wanna try again at 4.45 pm?


Hey @stephan.koenig, still in this panel for 10 min. Will check netrunner area then.


OMG YOU STOPPED POSTING. Did @LilFett get his copy of R&R? Or was this all an elaborate Corp sting in which @stephan.koenig used copious net damage to eliminate that pesky runner?


@stephan.koenig always be running!