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Nerdy dates


Yesterday my wife and I had a nerdy date and went to a Harry Potter themed art night.
I enjoy drawing and art and combining it with a healthy dose of nerdiness made for a great date and something different

While the paintings are not museum worthy I’m pretty satisfied with the results :slight_smile:

Any other suggestions for nerdy dates?


Wow! they look very nice!

Me and ex’s prime idea of a nerdy date is a marathon of LOTR extended edition. :stuck_out_tongue:


:smiley: I never managed to get my wife to sit through the standard edition and I doubt our 2yo would grace us with the needed 11 and a half hours :stuck_out_tongue:

We usually do a Harry Potter marathon around Christmas but this year we did not manage yet. But yeah a movie marathon is a great date idea :smiley:


Well, this is very US specific to my knowledge… Along the Harry Potter theme…

Sadly, you would have to live in the Midwest to have a shot at this specific concert; however, I think more groups are doing this and it might be more widely available than most people realize. Last fall Peoria did the Sorcerer’s Stone.


Yeah, various orchestras are doing it also here in Europe. Last year we went to Luzern (Switzerland) to see the Philosopher Stone and it was pretty amazing.
My only critique (if it can be called one) is that the orchestra was so good and well timed that a good portion of the time I forgot that there was an orchestra at all and just watched the movie :grin:


We had a good date night last night. Went out to Trivia to a place in Kennesaw, GA called Truck and Taps. Basically its a bar that Food Trucks come to every night. Had a good time and had some good drinks. We came in second!


We saw the CSO perform Star Wars: A New Hope last year. We were in the balcony and positioned so we could see the screen the conductor uses to time everything. That was really cool!

The biggest disappointment of that concert, the cantina song was part of the SFX/audio track and was not played live… :anguished: I understand why, but I was really wanting some live jammin’! The only reason I bring it up now is because I was not the only person who was there who was disappointed… So it is more of a warning for others.


Nighttime Mini-golf, at the most elaborate crazy golf place you can find.

Seriously. That’s the perfect nerdy date, especially a first date. It’s the date that other nerds will make fun of me for, and you all can just bug off if you think this isn’t great.

If you find the right putt-putt place with a pub, bar, and/or restaurant attached, there’s casual food, drinks, and you’re playing a light dex game together, that’s both regular first-date stuff with also being super-nerdy, with lots of opportunity to chat casually.

And, if one of you is doing poorly, it’s a heck of an excuse for one of you to do the “golf-pro hug” to “help” line up your/their next shot, if they’ve gotten to that level of comfort with you.

“Accidentally” losing the scorecards early so no one cares who wins is a good idea (unless you both really want to compete), and let anyone play through (unless those guys suck, then team up against them!).

After, (or during), you have some cheap drinks/snacks/hit the arcade for a while. Your date kicks your ass at air hockey, but you win a lot of tickets (or vice-versa).

Yes, this sounds so lame. But you are wrong.

This is perfect.


This may be obvious, but museums. My partner and I combine going to a museum with some sort of thematic or punny restaurant option after. We have a membership to the Royal Ontario Museum and often do ROM and Ramen when they have new exhibitions (or if we just want to go there to see part of the permanent collection again).


@UllinBethalto I get the disappointment! However, I have never seen anything around SW offered around here.

@MinuteWalt Great suggestions, we love mini golf but have not gone playing in forever. We actually recently moved and there is one close by. So this goes in our date list :slight_smile:

@timber Museums are at the moment a good let’s keep the toddler busy for an afternoon type of activity. Before we sometimes went to museum nights and enjoyed them quite a bit.

Thanks for all the great suggestions!