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Neptune's Pride

So I’ll put this in Video games, even though I think it would fit in the PBF section !

I have just learned about this game from the top Strategy games Rock Paper Shotgun published. Does anyone knows it? Is it fun? It looks like Diplomacy online in a way. I’ve never played Diplomacy, or any games like it but I would like to try.

Are people interested in trying out the game ?

I played the Fantasy zombie version for a while, and it’s fun, but the real-time always-on nature of the game and the advantages of checking in really frequently combine to make the game way more of a stressful time-sink than I can handle.

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Weirdly I’m playing my first game of Neptune’s pride and Subterfuge in about 4 years right now. I’d be up for a game.

As a tangent, I did some writing for Neptune’s pride. The descriptions of the different types of games are mine. :grinning:


@Benkyo you can also play Neptune’s pride as a turn based game.

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Having never played it, I did not condider the fact that checking often would give you an advantage over other player. That could also make the game a bit difficult for me, and difficult with the different times zones. Is the turn based aspect also good @RossM, or does it makes the game too slow ? If we’re playing a game, I’d rather have it turn based I think !

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It’s slow with randoms, but you can set cut offs. For example 24 hours after a turn begins, the next turn automatically begins. You can also decide how far it skips forward each turn in terms of real time.

I’ve got a lifetime membership so can set up custom games.

Standard setup.

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Awesome ! I think I’m down to try. Would you agree to setting up a game if we get enough players?

You can set up games from two players upwards.

Want to set up a separate thread asking for players?

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