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Need suggestions for XMas Wishlist

Creating a new thread because it didn’t feel right to restart someone else’s. Mods please combine if preferred.

Trying to come up with some boardgame ideas to give to other people, partly to avoid being bought something naff.

Here’s my wifes’ and my collection: https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/Sihoiba

My preference is for things that add a dimension that the other games don’t fill - currently thinking a roll and write might be good.

My wife particularly likes rabbits and trains, likes social/story telling games, hates hidden role/bluffing games and games that make her feel stupid. So any suggestions alone those lines might get turned into gifts for her.


You said a roll and write and trains
May I instantly and strongly recommend Railroad Ink?
It is


Everyone has so differentiated tastes and requirements, it would be overly simplistic to fold them all in to the same category (this topic comes up constantly, but making a top-level category of “Gifts” could be misinterpreted as monetization for back-door sponsors). We may combine this with something else, but tonight I personally cant be arsed.

That being said, I’d suggest to go off the rails a little with a dumb party game!

I like Pie Face: you spin a spinner, gamble a little on how many clicks of a wheel vs. points you want to get, and if you’re wrong with the mechanical RNG, a plastic hand delivers a slap of whipped cream in your face. It’s a fine push-your-lickluck game (I misspelled that, but I had to keep it), you leave the next player in stress, and even if you lose, you win, with a face full of whipped tastyness. I failed hard with my family, and then with my group, and we were laughing ourselves to tears the whole time.


You seems to own a lot of Deck Builders… have you seen this review of Trains?

As for story-telling have a look at Once Upon A Time. (There is also a Tabletop Episode with it.)

PS: I absolute second and third Railroad Ink. Just be careful it’s highly addictive.

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Your collection is close enough to mine that I think you might like to look at Aeon’s End - a cooperative deckbuilder with some interesting twists.

Quinns didn’t love it, and neither do SVWAG, but I do. :slight_smile: My blog review:


Thanks for the suggestions so far :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I want to add more deck building games to my collection, anyone got any other really different games they want to recommend (just possibly less messy than Pie Face which definitely classifies as different!)

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I’m starting to feel like maybe I’m recommending this one too much around here, but I’m seeing all these 2P card games, and now the call for something a little different… Nagaraja plays like a duel, has neat dice rolling for bidding and card play, plus tile laying in a tight score race. It’s bloody fabulous and excellent with a regular partner.

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Illusion, you can learn it in about 10 seconds, but its good fun

Or, a roll and write, Silver and Gold


What about dex or fast reaction/decision games? Like Flick 'em Up! and Catacombs (dex, Catacombs being actually quite a bit deeper) or Anomia, which is more of a mental dexterity game than a physical one.

I really like your board game collection. Very nice. Though I don’t see Galaxy Trucker on there! It’s a riot of fun!


If your wife enjoys storytelling games, Tales of the Arabian Nights definitely ought to rank high on your list. It’s long been a firm favourite of SU&SD and was reviewed very favourably indeed:

Essentially, it’s a quirky storytelling game that has you travelling all over the world in search of adventure. But its greatest strength is that it tends to create the sort of highly amusing tales you’ll repeat long after the game is over.


The only downsides IMO are:

① You are a cork on the seas of fate. Yes, there are things you can do to improve your chances but this really isn’t the sort of game where you can have any sort of plan. If you’re in the mood that’s fine.
② It’s quite a few hours.
③ You can’t win if you aren’t your original sex.


Clearly a dated game design.


Easily house-ruled around. The game has it’s flaws, to be sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun.

(Except for the weird gender thing, I have similar feelings about Betrayal at House on the Hill, especially @RogerBW’s “cork on the seas of fate” observation).


It’s been quite some time since I last played, but I recall using a helper app that definitely helped speed up the overall flow of the game by keeping all the matrix cross-referencing to a minimum. Also, there’s nothing to prevent you from simply ignoring the rule that says you cannot win if you aren’t your original sex. You’re a sex-changed ape? All the better, your story became that much more interesting!

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever even tried playing Tales of the Arabian Nights to win though. For me, it’s all about creating the most entertaining and amusing tales possible. It’s the kind of game where it really doesn’t matter who wins as long as everyone’s laughing. Whoever ends up winning or losing is pretty much an afterthought by the time it’s over. It’s really more of an experience than a game. Which is a valid criticism, as observed in the SU&SD video review; it’s definitely not the type of game to play with those whose primary gaming interest is in demonstrating superior mastery of gameplay mechanics or besting one another.

But for a uniquely amusing storytelling game that provides terrific replay value, Tales of the Arabian Nights is hard to beat. While there have been some pale imitations (e.g. Star Trek: The Adventure Game and Agents of SMERSH), they lack the outstanding Book of Tales and tend to suffer as a result. Consequently, they don’t come close to the immense entertainment value of Tales of the Arabian Nights IMO.


Nailed. It.

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Thanks again for these recommendations.

Weirdly my wife didn’t get on with Open Upon A Time, she’s trying to become a children’s author and bounced off the narrative constraints it enforced, having said that she adores Betrayal so Tales of the Arabian Nights is definitely under consideration.

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