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Need some networking advice

So, my problem is simple - little to no wifi on my ground (1st) floor.

The solution may or may not be simple. Ideally I don’t want to use a repeater.

We have:
2nd floor optic fibre connecting to box from the national telecom company.
Network cable from that box to a ~$100 router, and network cable from router to wall.
Some kind of wired network in the house that is connected to this, with outlets that take network cables on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor.
A desktop computer on 1st floor plugged into this wired network.
The floors are separated by concrete, which explains the poor signal on the 1st floor.

I know that our current router can only function as a master, not a slave or repeater.

Can anyone with experience in these matters suggest how best to extend our wifi to the 1st floor?

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I’m going to make some assumptions, and if I’m right, I’ve got about a quarter of a chance of being able to help, perhaps less :slight_smile:

Assumption 1: it has to be wireless on the first floor because it’s for mobile devices

Assumption 2: it can’t be a repeater ideally because those mobile devices go upstairs regularly and don’t auto switch to the other network

If so, and if your router is an Asus one, I think if you use its AI mesh ability (if it has one that is) then I believe, not having tried this myself, that repeaters with AI mesh will be seen by your mobile devices as the same network

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Your assumptions are basically correct, with the caveat that I don’t actually know if the mobile devices will switch, and kind of suspect that they will, but I would certainly prefer any solution to only involve one network.

We also just don’t have any convenient location for a repeater. Anywhere we could put one would either be in the signal deadzone or poorly placed to get a signal to the 1st floor.

I’m hoping there is an easy way to plug a 2nd router into the outlet on the 1st floor as part of the same network, but I’m too ignorant about the subject to know whether or not that is feasible.

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I’m away from home, but I’ve got a few routers kicking around - if you haven’t got an answer by Monday, I’ll do some experiments for you and let you know how feasible it is

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My initial thought was a set of powerline adaptors; they basically let you transmit data through your home’s power sockets as if there were ethernet cables inside your walls.

Of course, that doesn’t help your mobile devices but what I’ve done is plug a second (old) router into the adaptor to bring WiFi to areas where it previously wouldn’t reach (following this tutorial).

The thing is, I already have ethernet cables inside my walls. Was that not clear? Thanks for the tutorial link, I’ll check that out when I get home.

So you said, my mistake!

Have a look at https://www.savjee.be/2012/10/creating-one-WiFi-network-with-multiple-access-points/ and https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Wireless/Multiple-APs-should-use-different-channels-but-the-same-SSID/td-p/1828117 maybe.
Basically, it should be possible, indeed quite easy, to set up an access point on the same network, with the same SSID and password, as long as it doesn’t try to be a second DHCP server. Roaming should just work. But there’s a bit more info in those links, or you can just google for something like https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=two+access+points+same+ssid


This would be the first thing I try - same SSID, encryption & password, only one DCHP, different channels - as far away from each other as possible - so channel 1 and channel 11 for example or 1, 5 and 11 if you try three


Hmm, OK, still a little confused but I’ll pick up another router and give it a try. The main thing that concerns me is that the 1st floor router will be plugged into a different “kind” of outlet to the 2nd floor router - the one connected to the optic fibre box. I’m not sure how that works. To clarify a little, our network didn’t work at all when our router was plugged into the other one of the two outlets on the 2nd floor, so I’m not sure how plugging a router into the 1st floor outlet (the one the desktop is currently plugged into) will be any different.

Sounds like WAN/LAN port shenanigans - like the connection from your optical box through to the router is not compatible with normal LAN connections. If your computer is on the network fine via the cables in the walls, then they are definitely carrying LAN signals just fine. I’m fairly cartain, so long as your primary router is plugged in via the WAN port, you can link the others Lan to Lan - but I’ll try this out on monday

As others have said, another wireless router on the 1st floor using the same SSID, a different channel, and not acting as your DHCP server should work. Ideally get one that acts as a switch as well so the desktop can plug into it and the router can connect to the wall outlet. Also make sure that the IP address of the new router is different than that of the one on the 2nd floor, as most wireless routers have a default management IP address.

Definitely configure it before you plug it into the rest of your network, as it probably has DHCP on by default. You’ll probably need to connect your desktop directly to it and give it an IP address in the same subnet as the new router to do this.

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I have one of these deployed in each floor of my house:

They’re painless and quick to setup and manage. But as been said, any wifi router will do the trick.


We use these at my work, but the Pro versions. They are incredibly easy to set up and were what came to mind to recommend when first reading this thread, but since any router should do the trick, I didn’t do so.

A mere $400 each on Amazon.co.jp =P

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Well, it turns out the old router I thought was broken works fine as an access point. Thanks all!

I actually didn’t do any of the suggested steps about configuring IP addresses and all the rest - just flicked a switch from “router” to “AP”, plugged it in, plugged the computer into it, and everything seems to be working.

There are still two separate wifi signals and passwords, but I’m not sure I’ll get around to figuring out whether or not I can do anything about that.


For enterprise grade stuff, I’ve found that Aerohive makes pretty good AP’s. They are controllerless so you can just place the Access Points whereever you need, provided that you have a network cable there and either a Power over Ethernet switch there or an outlet nearby for use with a power injector.
Costs scale linearly with each access point, and you configure them from a pretty nice GUI.

Check with your IT team what the options are. Good luck!

If anyone who is expert here please suggest me something related to this issue.
Check: https://192-168-1-1ip.info/

Incidentally, some time after my previous post, after some unplugging and replugging had to be done, my second router is no longer working and nothing I do will get it running again.