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My application video to intern for SU&SD!


Hey all!
Was thinking that perhaps people might like to see my video about One Night Werewolf that I produced as an application for the SU&SD internships happening in 2019.
This was my first time ever producing video content and it was very much a learning process. There are lots of things I would do differently next time, but I’m also pretty proud of the result.
The script is aimed at people who aren’t aware of this modern gaming scene and attempts to show them how fun and interesting games can be.
Any and all feedback/criticism is super appreciated!

Here’s the video: Board Games Don’t Have to Be Boring - One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Intern application videos

Nice vid! Glad you did it! If I had any criticism, it would be the need to have some more dynamic shots–different camera angles, scenes, something to drive narrative–but that’s hard to do solo, with limited equipment. Otherwise, your voice is clear, your demeanor is personable, and the writing seems solid. I think for a sample of potential, this seems right on target. …do you live in the UK? If so, I’d say you have a great shot!

Filming a video for this was on my dream list of things to do in January…but clearly that didn’t go as I’d planned.

Add in the fact that there’s little chance I’d actually be able to do anything with an actual internship (since I live in the states, and Ihave barely enough time to play games, much less create content for them)–and this just slid off my daily to do list.

Still, it’s probably a good exercise for anyone to do once (publc speaking and presentations are great skills to have, as well as practicing your game teaching acumen).

Might still do it, and just post it here…who knows? How cool would it be for us all to a video, and share them here?


I liked it! Your presentation is really clear and your script is tight. I really loved how all your movements were deliberate - smoothly getting the box out and pulling out the components in a logical order is a small touch but makes all the difference. Some reviewers pick up all kinds of annoying tics (Tom Vasel still has some after all these years!), but you were really aware of how your composure would come across on video in a professional manner. There were occasional missteps (like overshooting the frame with the Seer card) but on the whole you hit your marks. Maybe next time you could tape out the limits of the frame to aid direction? Or even take test stills using an object of known scale to help framing? It’s always difficult to solo direct, shoot and perform in a video.

Not sure I would kick off with the ‘boring monopoly’ stance though - it’s a fair comment, but it doesn’t really stand out amongst all the other videos that start that way (especially if the guys are watching hundreds of videos, kicking things off with a bang to catch attention is important). There’s also some fairly obvious clipping on the sound (slight background hiss that is edited out in silent pauses), but that’s likely down to the equipment more than anything, and as clg says, it’s a good starting point for an intern position.

For development: Your script was really succinct, targeted, and informative, but your voice was a tad downbeat and soporific. I would work on how you could get the information across whilst inserting your own personality into the production and presentation. That always takes time, with plenty of trial and error. But with this being your starting point I’d say you’re 80% of the way there. The basics are down, you just need the video to scream “this is me!”.

Thanks for sharing! Good luck