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Monster Hunter World! Let's Play Together!


Monster Hunter World just released this past week! It seemed like it might be worth it to have a spot for people to put together hunting groups. If any one wants to hunt with a glaive user who sometimes moonlights as a switch axe user, I’m tee_jabs on playstation!


Waiting for the PC release.
So I picked up Monster Hunters Generation on 3DS.
Don’t wish to hijack, but if anyone fancies kicking around with some low level hunters, I’d be happy to have the help.


Might I ask how you’re finding it? All the excitement of Monster Hunter has me sorely tempted. I don’t have a fancy console but Generations is an option …


I think it’s amazing, but I’m bias…I’ve always loved the Monster Hunters Series.

It’s not too drastically different from MH4U, but there’s some quality of life changes - things are a bit more central and organised now, instead of ‘this & that, here & there’; and you can do most things from the Hunters Hub (Gathering Hall) multiplayer lobby now.

I love how they’ve fleshed out the palico’s side of things - and the different attack arts add variety to your favourite weapon.

I haven’t really seen much of it so far, only being about 20 hours in (I clocked up about 450 hours in MH4U, before deciding I had climbed high enough) … it’s simply More Monster Hunters… never a bad thing.


A very glowing review - thank you (even taking the bias into account :wink:

This would be my first Monster Hunter but it seems to be a reasonable jumping in point. Unless you disagree and would recommend 4.

I take it there’s still a bit of a community poking around in Generations? Sadly, I don’t really have any friends I can bring along for the ride …


I’m totally up for this! I’ve just ordered the game.

My PSN handle is: Elmsworth. Feel free to add me

…think this is the first time I’ve ever paid full price for a PS4 game.


Awesome! Just added you on PSN.


Great! The game arrived this morning. Give me a week to get to grips and we’ll sort out a time.


Hello again. Does the offer for some joint play still stand? I was persuaded to pick up Generations and can press the right button most of the time now! Not sure how one goes about getting into multiplayer though. Can I add you somewhere?