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Miniatures painting - Showing off!


https://bit.ly/2S3Xkky Pretty please with these one 8)


One of the players in my DnD game is trying to buy a boat, found one on sale and painted it up.


Dragon for my sons Christmas present. Happy with the wings only, but it’ll have to do!


The Wings and the base look great!
And I can’t really see much of the body and face, but as far as I can tell they’re very solid, too.


I really need to get a better camera setup!


I’ll put in as an amateur photographer, it’s a pain to get pictures just right with miniatures, while maintaining proper color balance, exposure, focus, and light.

Your pictures are really nice, but couple probably just use a few more angles to see the body.


I’ve been working on getting my photo set up in place, my painting has been improving a bit as well.


I like how the different colours make those similar dungeon pieces look very distinct. :slight_smile: (Assuming it’s not just the lighting and white balance!)
Nice models too though!


A lot of it is adjustments to the camera. Changing white balance, ISO, and shutter speed.

But they are all the exact same tiles in the background.

And thanks!


I’ve got to get some nice pictures, but here’s a gift I got on Monday (and immediately painted)



Apparently the message board complains if you just try to say ROAAAAWWWARRR, so I had to try a proper sentence too. Clearly not designed by a t-Rex.



(Yes this is a complete sentence)


Lost World raptor colour scheme! Love it!


We may have to reach out to the admins about Dinosaur accessibility of the forums.



Was it under the Christmas Tree-rannosaurus rex?
Not the best pun!


Note to self, next year shape my tree like a T Rex.


Perhaps you meant to say: Christmas Tree-Rex?


Lesson learnt! Don’t pun after too much Christmas alcohol!


Don’t want to spam with the same model, but here’s a much better picture of the Rex

Bonus picture: I’m prepping another T Rex


I think we need to let that slide for now. We can’t fix keyboards for dinosaur usage.

(PS: nice!
Er, I mean… ROOOOOAWWWR!!!)