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Miniatures painting - Showing off!


Here’s my workstation set up - It has to be torn down and packed away when I’m finished - space issues in my house. I only bring out the paints I’m using, helps keep me disciplined, and when I’m done:

Everything packs away into here


I had to laugh at all these well-equipped spaces. Here’s my paltry collection of cheap paints, packed and unpacked as required.


I can’t believe this topic was started in 2016 and it’s taken me this long to bookmark it.


Do you paint @MinuteWalt?

Edit: That’s a question as to whether @MinuteWalt paints figures, not a question as to if we paint @MinuteWalt. I’m not sure he’d like it!


Feel free to paint me!

Like, a portrait, or actually painting directly on me. Either would be fun.

I used to paint minis, but it got a bit tedious and expensive, and I dropped out of the tactical stuff in favor of pick-up, 1-2 hour games. (Also I paint on canvas as well, I minored in fine art). I’m still very interested in technique, I may take it up again.


One thing I remember, that killed me at first: sometimes, you have to paint backwards?

It’s an additive process, so instead of (for example) dunking a skeleton in white and layering on details after, trying to brush in the shades and delineation, one should cover it in black (or whatever color is the shade color for that figure) and detail the white and gray (or whatever) over it.

The subtle, yet bolder shades are what you want to start with. It’s easier to just not paint over that color than paint the scars and shadows in later with a 000 brush and a magnifying glass.

(I know, others have said basically the same thing, that was just the lesson I learned.)


Or you can just spray the skeleton white then use a dark brown oil-based varnish that creates smooth gradients all the way to deep shadow, and gives just the right amount of discoloration to the deliberately too-bright white.

I mean, there are a bunch of ways to achieve any desired effect. I’ve experimented with many of them - anything to save time! The real pros would never stoop to using the varnish shortcut, but washes achieve a similar effect.

Drybrushing light on dark is still my favourite default method though.


I do like drybrushing, that’s a good technique.


Yeah, washes is the way I have always gone. I don’t have the skill, or patience, for anything more subtle.

Colour - Wash - Colour H/L or Colour D/B - Final H/L is all I ever do. Produces minis that are… reasonable.

You remind me of a great friend of mine. He always seems to be able to do ANYTHING, including holding a qualification to lead a flotilla to rescue a shipwreck. No lie.


No kidding! Sometimes that’s what you need. Reasonable. “It’s great, and good enough to play the game!”

I banged my head trying to get it perfect, when I should have been saying to myself, “is it good enough for the game?” I think it turned me off of the whole thing, I really went a bit into the deep end. Now I’m good with bare plastic, but I really enjoy seeing what other people do.

(The only thing I’ve ever had to do with a flotilla was the video game, Flotilla.)


I have a friend who is an incredible painter, who is also insanely fast (I mean, relatively speaking). He can get a unit of 10 models from box to fully painted in the time it takes for me to assemble and prime the same number.

One of my biggest hurdles was to stop comparing my work to his. Some people are just talented. I’m not one of them. So instead of saying “Man, I finished this one guy in the time you finished nine, and yours look better!”, I just have to say “Well, one down, nine to go!”

The other trick is to just paint a little any chance I get. Today, I’m going to paint a little bit of black on 3 models (“Caine3” from WarMachine… ooh, I might have some pictures) in order to get them one step closer to done. Tomorrow, I’ll assemble a bunch of bikes, but then won’t prime them until Wednesday, and so on. Just plug away at it, and eventually everything will get done, rather than waiting for some magical day when I have “free time”.


I have a similar fear; I want to get into painting with my son, but I can be a perfectionist, and so can he.

I find I can get upset if it does not turn out the way I want. He gets upset if mine is better. He’s been like that since he was little. It a hard battle to fight, as I need to try and “set an example” while battling the issue myself!

I actually want to get him into some art classes. We went to a little get together at an art studio earlier this year, and he drew a rabbit from a book and it blew my mind. I’ve never seen him do anything like it! (I was a proud papa :grin:). It seemed to really boost his confidence, which is what I’m hoping to do with painting.

I think I’ll start with some videos of very basic styles that he can mimic as we watch.

Also, @Marx09 those look great man!!!


The Gloomy seven. Visual spoiler for sun and saw class.


Also, wow, it’s difficult to get anything done with a 3-yr-old daughter and heavily pregnant wife. 3-day weekend, I thought I’d have plenty of time for two figures, but with every interruption you have to carefully remove all traces of paint from your brush with thinner, make sure nothing dangerous is accessible, attend to the problem, then eventually try and get back to where you were…

I ended up cutting some of the detail, and I still didn’t finish until midnight Monday.


Not miniatures exactly, but tangentially related, here is some of my Dwarven Forge Caverns I’ve painted up


Wow, that’s fantastic!


Thanks, they’re super easy to paint up, but they really set the ambiance.


I don’t know what your definition of “easy” is.
(And, yes, I can see how that would a cakewalk for some people who have experience.)

I do know what my definition of a very skilled and satisfactory result is, and that is superior, you do yourself an injustice.

If you ever want to come over here and paint my pieces come on by. I am a very lazy man.

(actually everyone here has been pretty amazing. @cosxcam was just the first with an environment)


Thanks for the kind words. I definitely have more harsh criticisms of my own work than other people do.

If I ever catch up on my painting, you’re welcome to my skills. My backlog at the moment is probably a couple years of painting though haha.


I recently got a copy of “Blackstone Fortress” (the newest WarHammer Quest game, and the first set in the 40K universe), on the condition that I paint it up to show off at work.

This has proven difficult, since there are 40-45 models, and the official day the game goes on sale is Nov 23rd, which means I really should’ve had everything finished by now… but here we are.

I managed to get most of the heroes done, at least, so that’s something!

Other than these guys, there are 2 more heroes (Pious, a glass cannon bald-headed ex-ganger, and Thaddeus, a fat priest), and then all 40 or so of the villains. I’m almost finished the last two heroes (will finish them before work tomorrow) and about 50% done the bad guys.

Looking forward to playing the game at some point… eventually…


If anyone is still playing Necromunda, some ripe models for conversion there, and likely vice versa too!