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Miniatures painting - Showing off!


as your son progresses you might consider even just brushing on primer. I like Vallejo stuff and they have many different colours to suit your projects.

When I first started I brushed on primer usually Grey; as mentioned earlier, the darker the colours make red, white, yellow muted and difficult to cover up. just take some primer up onto the brush and dab away to ensure that there are no bubbles. Let dry at least 15-20 mins between coats.

I brushed on primer for a few years and then most recently switched to an airbrush. Today, I like starting with black or Panzer grey primer spray down the entire model, Then using a white primer spray Zenithal highlight the miniature from the “source” of lighting above the mini. Particularily focusing on the facial area. That area is where most attention is going to be focused when complete. It’s subtle but makes a huge difference.


I use grey primer a lot. Black primer does my head in. I know people love it, but I find it hides the detail of the model. Not from my paint, but from my eyes! Maybe I’m just getting older but I find it much harder to see what I’m painting.

As for Warhammer Conquest - it’s interesting. Yes, it’ll cost you a small fortune, but it’ll cost you less than buying that stuff on its own at GW prices. Plus you get models doled out on a monthly basis, building up to something. My plan is to jump in and stay subscribed as long as I can keep up with the painting. Might even give the 40K game a go - never done so before.


Me too - and I don’t think it’s an age thing either, I recently painted a millennium falcon, and to my shame, my skill hasn’t got much better since I was 12, but, I can see the same model side by side, undercoated in black and grey, and the grey looks significantly better.

Admittedly a grey spaceship is the best case scenario for grey primer, but I’m absolutely convinced!


I’m using black for my Gloomhaven miniatures, because that was the primary colour for the first miniature I painted in the set, and also because I don’t currently own any other primers.

I would totally switch to grey if I could be bothered with shading, or if I went back to varnish “dipping”, or for any set of miniatures I wanted to be brighter.


Gloomhaven Spellweaver. Just needs varnishing and it’s done! Reasonably proud, skin came out a little darker than I wanted, but the overall image is pleasing to me.

Now, I’ve got to paint the rest of the party!


That is amazing given the miniature quality.


I like your base on the spellweaver, sensible choice given the variable tiles, but nicer than plain black. Well executed too.


That looks great!


I’ve been trying to learn how to use my new airbrush. Overall, I’m happy with it… mostly used for the red armour you see here on these JSA line troops.

I could do some “edge highlighting” if I really wanted on the red, but I don’t… not yet at least. Maybe when I’ve more-or-less painted most of my models I might start getting fancy, but as it is I can get 10 models painted in a month, which is pretty dang good for me.

Anyway. Happy with my progress, and my continuing education as a miniature painter. Based on NPI’s review of Star Wars Legion, I may have to get that… because, obviously, what I need in my life are MORE games I can’t afford and don’t have time to play!


I got the process from this video although his looks way better than mine. I have no illusion that I’ll ever be a high-class painter. But if it’s good enough from a distance of 2 feet - it’ll do!

I found it really hard to figure out what was flesh, clothing, spike or “hair”. In the end I gave up and just guessed!

They look great!


Some nice work - I like the red airbrushing. I did some of the white/creamy colours on these with my airbrush, but it always makes me nervous for the rest of the paint job as it’s so hard to go back and fix slip-ups on smooth gradients. The freehand work on the banners/books is a bit ropey too as I’d only taken painting back up recently when i did these!


@Marx09 “more games I cant afford, and don’t have time to play” is a song I’m starting to learn quite well. I think I’ll be singing it even more in the coming months! Lol.


"Oh, Gen7’s coming out
And I can’t afford that,
But so is Comanauts
And I feel like a poor rat!
Because on the tales of Neon Gods
We all become penniless sods,
And that’s saying nothing about
All the other GenCon stuff that’s out!

… no I can’t afford none of that!"

(Apply tune at your leisure)


A couple of the japanese bandai x wing kit i did a little while back. It makes my x wing minis stuff look tiny!


My paint station, as soon I should finish the Inox Brute and Tinkerer. Wondered what other people’s looked like?


When I get back to the UK, I’ll show you my… let’s be kind and call it a paint station - spoilers: It’s nowhere near as nice as yours!


I have WAY too many unpainted models…


I have a loft full of the damn things…


I’m not happy, but the players are.


First one in two months!