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Miniatures painting - Showing off!


Finished the Lion Sunday night! Let the Hunt Begin!


Is that bristles from a big brush for the base?!
Like the asymmetry of the basing.


Aww, it has it’s own japanese garden made from our skulls, how cute!


heh thanks, the Tallgrass is Tallgrass from Woodland Scenics. I went and raided the model train section of my hobby store the other day for flocking.


apparently the Zen part of the garden didn’t work for our poor nightmare Lion.


It’s like Mr Lion got himself some spaghetti, and he’ll defend it with his life!


He’s on the hunt! For boiling water with a pinch of salt!


Still need to add Hilights and touch it up a bit but these Mini’s are beautiful.


Judging by your finger, I’m not sure these qualify as “minis” :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good, great details in the eyes and face.


I’d echo the “good face” comment. I wish I could do eyes! Is that a mix of yellow and gold?


Actually I believe it’s Brass Balls of the P3 line, they make my Favorite Metallics. Especially the Blighted Gold, which is the must have color from P3 in my opinion.


Really nice mindthief. I HATED my painting of it, it just looked so flat and boring…


Thanks! To be honest, the scoundrel and mindthief are too dark under normal light. The spellweaver was painted first, and set the general lighting condition, so without light sources other characters just ended up looking near-black. I think they look better in photos than on the table. I am happy with the rat eyes though.

Still, the spellweaver is my character, and I think that looks great, at least =)


Been quite the slog this past two weeks but I’m finally ready for a learning game of Star Wars Legion.


Nice work! I’d have thought about legion, but after imperial assault I don’t think I can ever paint another stormtrooper! Nice bright saturated colours on those though :slight_smile:


lol! I am a bit scared to dive into the Storm troopers, I might just airbrush then dry brush the heck out of them for whenever someone wants to come over to play. I plan to play the Rebels anyways and they will get the most attention to detail. That being said, still have another half an army to go so I might be sick of painting Rebel scum very shortly.


Been working on some painting for D&D campaigns going on, once again trying to shake some for the painting rust off, plus learning basing.

I want to get some better pictures with my actual camera, but my card reader isn’t working at the moment, so phone pics will have to make due.


Ready for action!!


Slowly but surely getting back to painting. Haven’t taken any pics in decent lighting because I always finish models at night, but here’s a couple I’ve done recently


Got a couple more painted last night

Reaper dark heaven legends Dire croc

And reaper bones merrow