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Miniatures painting - Showing off!


The minis in this post are amazing! Just wow!
I’ve painted a set from Flash Point fire rescue. I like how they turned out and had lots of fun.

Made the flames by twirling hot glue with a toothpick. Water spouts are strands of hot glue made by touching the hot glue with a toothpick and pulling strands up quickly then bunching together while still warm. Then painted and glued on to hose. They stay quite flexible and shouldn’t break off. Sorry the pictures not the best.


That water effect is fantastic!


I’m totally going to have to do that to my copy of flashpoint. Nice idea!


Please share pictures if you can when you finish. I would love to see them.
I was thinking of making fire tokens with hot glue but need to find something to make a mold with that hot glue doesn’t stick to. Parchment paper mabye…


Strange, I usually find that the only thing hot glue DOES stick to is my fingers!
On a more serious note, silicon lined baking paper might work.


Wow, everyone’s minis look so good. Been painting for about a year off and on; as it goes having a toddler for a roommate. Here’s what I’ve been working on lately:


Nice solid reds and yellows. I always struggle, particularly with yellow, to get them smooth block colours before I shade/wash. I also like the varied outfits on your flamme rouge figures, though they still clearly fit as teams.


Thanks, I’ve been trying to work diligently on thinning my paints and doing more layers instead of just slapping paint when my patience betrays me.

I wanted to give the jerseys a wash but after doing so to the bike frames they became quite muted. I kind of like the brighter look at the loss of contrast and detail.


Been working on some of my shadows of brimstone stuff getting back into the hobby. Definitely started with easier models with lots of surface area, not a lot of detail, and deep crevice for inking (painting sin, I know)


just finished this up tonight. learned a lot about glazing with this model; and still so far to go!


Here’s something I painted recently. Drycha Hamadreth from GW. She’s a furious treelady.


love the iridescent wings. How long did this take you?



From start to finish it took about a month. I wasn’t painting the whole time though. In terms of hours, probably something in the region of twenty. It wasn’t as difficult to paint as you might think. The bark is a fair bit of drybrushing and a couple of washes. Shading the recesses with blue wash rather than (or as well as) brown or black helps bring out the orangy tones in the bark. The skin is a very light gray with a coat of nihilakh oxide then some careful highlighting with an almost white glaze. Then it’s mainly just the details. The firey runes were a bit fiddly (I managed to not photograph these) but genuinely the hardest bit was trying to paint that blue bit in her leg. It was a nightmare trying to get my brush in there. I’ve never learned to paint in sub-assemblies.

edit - Oh, and the irridescent effect it just the normal colour paint mixed with a bit of silver. I just mixed silvery blue, pink, and green, then painted them in stripes on each wing.


A few more miniatures from me. These are from an actual board game rather than Games Workshop. They’re a bunch of pirates from Rum & Bones.

Several of the sculpts just make you shake your head at the representation of women in miniatures in general. Especially as two of the female minis represent actual women who existed - the one in the tiger cloak is Anne Bonny, and the one with all the red hair is Grace O’Malley. In real life they were both really kick-ass people. Here Grace O’Malley, who took a dagger to a meeting with Queen Elizabeth I and refused to bow, is reduced to hair, boobs, and thigh-high boots.

Despite this, I do really like the sculpts for their character and fun cartoonish use of archetypes. I’m conflicted.


Amazing! Love the hair and fur!!


Never attempted Mini’s with so much Skin before. It was a good Study and I learned a lot, I find that my Mini’s look like a huge Cake of paint, I need to wait a longer time between coats methinks!


You’ve managed a nice variation in skin tones. Mine all come out looking like a weird pink/red version of Caucasian!



I have had the same issues as you for the past year and decided to give Privateer Press Formula P3’s Khardic flesh, midlund flesh and mennoth white highlight triad a try. Various combos of this triad plus Vallejo golden yellow or brown sand has been working out for me. The only worry is most retailers in my city don’t seem to get much P3 in so I’ve been hoarding whatever I can find.


Wow. I’m not even close to the levels of skill on display here, but I enjoyed my recent foray into miniature painting with Gloomhaven - knowing that I only had to paint three figures, and that they would be the focus of attention for a very very long time, gave me the motivation to get them done:

First time I ever tried on-miniature source lighting, so that was fun.

Other than that, the last thing I did was about 7 years ago, when I experimented with coloured varnishes:

I’m posting these here partly because I’m proud of them, but also to show people that you do not need to be anywhere near as skilled as the other people in this thread to get results that still look good. Drybrushing, Varnishing, and well-planned paint schemes can easily compensate for lack of skill!


That OSL looks terrific, Benkyo! A great concept, beautifully executed.