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Miniatures painting - Showing off!


A few more from MoM - urgh the mould lines! (mold for all you Americans). Some better than others here. Part of me wishes I’d bothered cleaning these up, but the minis are a bit crap to start with.


Here’s a couple of the larger MoM models…

Some really bad mould lines there!


Back to the Warmachine models again here.

I think the warjack went ok, but that girl is so tiny. I’m sure I’ve painted her teddy as skirt and her arm as teddy… oh well!


Come on people… someone else out there must paint :slight_smile:
Or maybe someone wants to start, and will seek the collective wisdom of the SU&SD forums…


I do paint, when I have time.

I haven’t had time in over a year :frowning:


I also paint when I have time.

Going on about 3 years since I’ve had time. Most of my paints are probably ruined by now.


I’m slowly working my way through the contents of Silver Tower, I’ll try to put up some nice shots this weekend : )


As promised here are some shots of the Silver Tower minis I’ve managed to get painted. They’re all still waiting on bases (which with hind-sight I may regret) but otherwise they’re table ready. I may revisit them when I come to base them and have them all done just to brush up a couple bits n’ pieces.


Some nice highlighting on the skin and beaks :slight_smile:
Here are a Couple more of mine . . .


Thank you! I’m really loving the details on your stuff (looking back the green glow from the warmachine mini is excellent!)


Yea, some of that is the green filter on one of the flashes. I can’t take all of the credit! Got some more from that colour scheme that I’ll post later :slight_smile:.


Hi everybody! I’ve just registered on these boards, and I thought I’d share some of the miniatures I’ve painted. I’ve been miniature painting for about two and a half years, starting off by following the excellent guides by Sorastro on youtube, initially for Star Wars Imperial Assault. I’ll post up a small selection of some of the stuff I’ve done.

This is a feller from Super Dungeon Explore, a game which I love despite never having played it. The miniatures are fantastic. This was painted about a year ago, and was my first attempt at non-metallic-metal (where you try to replicate metallic surfaces with matte paint) and wasn’t completely succesful, but I still like him anyway.

Here’s a Treelord from Games Workshop.

More Games Workshop - a Khorne Slaughterpriest.

And finally the big dragon from Dungeon Saga. This thing is about eight inches high, including the wings!


Some nice eyes there! A more steady hand than mine. That NMM is pretty good, I’ve never had much luck myself.



I have loads more photos, but I didn’t want to carpet bomb the thread, so I’ll post some more in a day or two if that’s okay.


Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


I mentioned that I have painted a lot of Star Wars Imperial Assault stuff, but I didn’t post any. So here’s Jabba the Hutt.

A miniature from Wild West Exodus, Legendary Jesse James.

And a Games Workshop Nazgul riding a Fell Beast.


Whoooaaahh that fell beeeast. It looks like it’s straight out of the promo pic! Superb job!


love the blending on jabba and the fell beast. 2 brush or airbrush?


I’ve never used an airbrush. I’m scared of them! Both Jabba and the Fell Beast were done with wet blending. Jabba was my first attempt at the technique, following the Sorastro guide. I only used the one brush though! The trick is to use some glaze medium to keep the paint from drying.

The Fell Beast was really difficult though. It was a mistake to try to blend near black with various shades of dark grey! :joy:

Thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile:


I like coal black from the pp line. Good for highlighting black.