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Miniatures painting - Showing off!


Holy cow, that is a good boi! Well done! “Best of Show” in my opinion, that’s some fantastic work.

@timber :clap: for the water, and also the rest of the base, that’s a bit that a lot of people often neglect in favor of the figure. (For good reason, I mean, there are only so many hours in the day, you gotta get some sleep. But you went the extra mile).

@lovvbar That frankly terrifies me. Sooo…as far as I’m concerned, mission accomplished!


I painted up some more reaper minis this morning.

I’ve been thinking lately about getting into Infinity, but the very clean and stylized aesthetic doesn’t really appeal to me that much. If I do end up getting into Infinity, I may try to paint the models with a bit of a dirty/rusty style that I haven’t seen before. Maybe some Tohaa have been trapped on a cold, resource poor planet and have had to struggle for survival. What do people think?


Tohaa are getting a bunch of new resculpts, so check out how the models look in “Spiral Corps” (the newest army box) before you settle on them. Don’t get me wrong, I like Tohaa, but the existing style probably won’t last too much longer.

If you’re looking for a grittier option, check out anything from the “Ariadna” Faction (USAriadna, Caledonia, T.A.K., etc…). Ariadna is basically a near-future aesthetic, and it might appeal a bit more to you. Oh, and maybe Druze or Ikari Company (mercenary factions).

For me, I want my Infinity models to look like they stepped out of an anime, so I’m all JSA, ALEPH, and a little Haqqislam (although a very “clean” Haqq).


I loved the world and aesthetic of Infinity so much. I wish more minis boardgames had a similar vibe.


Jeeze, nice base work @timber.


Corvus Belli is going to be doing a Kickstarter in November/December for their next board game, this time called “Defiance”.

Think “Imperial Assault” set in the Infinity universe. Too early to really be excited about it, but I am cautiously optimistic. Oh, and all metal models which will be the same scale as Infinity and include Infinity rules… so they’ve got my money, probably, when it comes out.


I heard about that!

It sounds like it could be pretty interesting. That said, I’m hesitant to get my hopes up, as I don’t have much of an interest in assembling minis.

Its not a deal breaker, but the gameplay will have to look really good for me to dive in. I could see it becoming a box that sits on my shelf indefinitely.

All that said, I’ve been interested in Infinity for awhile. Maybe that could be gets me to dive it.


Oh, thanks! I hadn’t realized there was a new Tohaa faction out. I really like some of those models. However, I know it’s a weird thing, but I don’t really like the normal clothing over armour look, which is part of why I’m not really interested in Ariadna. I do like some flare, like capes and cloaks, but just not straight up cargo pants. I also kind of like the idea of creating that story of a normally clean-cut, hyper-futuristic group becoming a little bit rough around the edges by necessity. I feel I could do something cool with the fabrics and chunky medieval-like armour of PanOceania military orders, but they’re just so vanilla… Hmm. I’ll likely end up getting two different factions to start, so I can play with my partner and/or any friend that wants to try it out with me, but I’m so conflicted. Initially, Tohaa and Combined Army just appealed to me the most thematically and aesthetically, but I’m leaning more and more into trying to do something interesting with PanOceania, especially if Tohaa will be getting all new models soon.


Another thing for me that’s just come to mind, I’ve never really been interested in diving into one faction (especially since I have to cover units for my son and myself).

I’m more interested in having a number of smaller factions. It’s why I’m drawn to games like Aristeia!, The Edge: Dawnfall, Warhammer Underworlds, etc.

I’m curious if that’s an realistic option in something like Infinity.


Marx will be able to answer more clearly, since he already plays Infinity, but the ability to play multiple factions with a fairly low cost of entry is part of what appeals most to me about Infinity. It’s my understanding that because the game is a very tactics/terrain focused skirmish game, unlike the big army war games, you play with only a handful of models. Quinns did a let’s play and I think each side had maybe 5 or 6 models. Also, all the rules are free online, which helps with being able to play a few factions fairly inexpensively.


Most players I know collect 2-3 Factions pretty casually and one faction “seriously” (ie: owning everything in that one Faction).

That stated, a good game of Infinity “requires” about 10 models (realistically closer to 14-16 for most Factions), and about 20-30 models in a Faction with low-to-no proxying will allow you to field a staggering array of teams that are viable for good games. 50-75 models will usually get you about everything for most Factions, and even the largest usually have less than 150 total (which, admittedly, is a lot, but compared to something like WarMachine, where I have… gosh… 400-500 models per Faction?).

Anyway, moral of the story is that several small factions is absolutely a common way to play! Just keep in mind you will learn a little slower if you don’t stick with one Faction for your first 5-6 months (a lot of the curve is figuring out what your one team can do, and then slowly modifying it to do other things).

For the record, for low model count, smaller Factions your best bets are (in no particular order):
Pan Oceania (Military Orders specifically, or Neoterra)
ALEPH (Steel Phalanx specifically)
Combined Army (Onyx or Morat)
Yu Jing (Invincible Army)
Nomads (whichever sectorial can take the Riot Grrls)

You will struggle a little more with small model count armies if you choose:

(Which isn’t to say you can’t have a kick-ass 10 model army in JSA or whatever, but it is to say that it is more difficult!)


Wow! Thanks for the detailed reply.

I’ll keep all that info in mind. I’m not 100% sure I’ll dive in (I’d have to see if my son has any interest for one thing), but if I do get into a miniatures game beyond Gaslands, it would be likely be Infinity.

Since the rules are all free, I may download them and give them a read.


Alright, so I bought some Infinity miniatures. I’ve started painting, but haven’t gotten the chance to play yet, unfortunately. I ended up going with PanOceania and Combined Army to start. Here is my first crack at a colour scheme for PanOceania Knights of Santiago models. I tried to capture a future-medieval hybrid and somewhat battle-hardened look.

I wasn’t happy with my first effort below, but I think I like the result above. On my first effort I went with a much dirtier and more beaten up look. While it had character, I felt like that approach made all the details of the model too muddy and actually ended up looking less interesting. I feel like the greater contrast in my second effort is a bit more captivating in the end.


Having assembled and painted my first Infinity miniatures now, keep in mind that they require a lot of prep work compared to those other games. They are injection moulded metal and come in about 7+ pieces per model. You will need to clean the metal; cut off and file all the injection points, air release, and flashing; assemble them; fill all the cracks at the joints; and then thoroughly prime so that paint has any chance of sticking. It took me at least an hour just to assemble 4 miniatures, before I even primed them. That being said the level of detail is pretty astounding.


Thanks for the breakdown of what it takes to get the minis together.

As someone who finds assembling even push fit minis somewhat tedious, this is something I need to keep in mind.


Okay, so I have a small, tiny little problem. I may have accidentally stumbled into some commission painting work.

I know, I know… doesn’t sound like a problem. A couple friends requested I paint a handful of models for them and then pay me for that service… except… the amount I would charge to make this worthwhile for me is way more than any reasonable human being should be willing to pay for my quality of work.

So here’s how I’m stuck:

  1. Tell them the approximate price-per-model, and let them decide if that’s reasonable (very briefly, they’ve given me all the heroes for “Shadows of Brimstone” plus a handful of expansions, so about 2 hours per model at, say, $30/hour is around $60/model. For 10 models, that’s… yeah, that’s a lot of money for tabletop quality work.
  2. DON’T tell them the price, and just tell them to pay me whatever they think I deserve for the job. This is risky, but I can just refuse to do any future work for them once I finish this batch, and if they pay more-or-less what I would’ve charge anyway (or possibly more), then I won’t feel guilty about asking for that amount.
  3. Undercharge this time around ($25/model?), tell them it was a favour, never do it again.

A different friend wants me to paint all his Armada fighter craft (mostly TIEs, which are thankfully quick work… prime black, drybrush gray, two dots of green on the front and two dots of orange on the back). Which for him I think I’ll just tell him how long it takes and let him sort out a good rate.

But man, I hate having to justify prices to friends. I’m worth more than $30/hour, but nobody should have to pay me that for my painting.

… for my writing, that’s a different story.

Blargh. Capitalism sucks.


Oh that does suck.

If you don’t want to have to justify prices, or potentially get backed into a situation where they say, “But last time I paid you $X and it was fine!”, then you could just politely decline. Tell them that it’s a really slow process and you’d rather stick to painting your own models / your own hobbies. Maybe offer to show them the ropes on painting models as consolation.

If, however, you want a shot at making some commission money on the side though, you’ll have to tell them the prices and see what they do with that knowledge. And if you’re going to do that, don’t do discounts for friends or first time around or anything - don’t sell your work for less than it’s worth. It’s a slippery slope and will make the relationship with said friends even muddier than saying, “Here’s the price, I know it’s high, but it’s take it or leave it.”

As for the Armada models, that’s different (and justifiably so) because Star Wars ships are simple and quick compared to a lot of other models out there. So do what you want with that.


Yeah, I feel your pain. I am in a geek themed choir and we have started to do paid gigs.

The problem is no-one will ever pay what would be fair or appropriate for 16 people to perform to a good standard. A couple of hundred dollars for an hours work is great in theory, but split 16 ways, minus transportation costs, music costs, insurance costs it is scant return. And that’s even before you assume 3 months x 3 hours per week rehearsal x 16 people +??? hours solo rehearsal at home.

But realistically no-one would be able to afford to pay what that is truly “worth”, so we take our couple of hundred and be glad it covers off some of our ongoing costs :slight_smile:

Similar thing with the painiting. Or “hand made knitted sweaters” - whoever is selling them must be working off a tiny hourly rate.


I charge about $40 an hour for non-technical translation (actually about 15 cents a word), and I take two approaches to requests:

In the family (brother in law, his wife, other brother in law): free, but make it plain I’m doing them a favour, and I think because they are Japanese they’ve never taken advantage of me.
Outside the family: tell them my cheapest rate, and they invariably look elsewhere.

I suppose the real question is, why did you take the miniatures? You write “they’ve given me”, which implies you are already committed in some way, and yet haven’t communicated to them anything regarding the cost.

People have no idea about these things, so the very first thing you do is give them an idea of how much it’ll cost. Chances are there’s someone out there who is well established doing commission work who can significantly undercut you for whatever reason, and your friend should be free to seek their services, or even directed to them if you happen to know of any candidates.


For physical assets,
((cost of materials) + (labor (how much you’d pay for someone like yourself by the hour for the same level of work)) x (2)

(cost+labor) x 2 = reasonable

I live in a town where this is a real thing, where from so-called “commissions” (for graphic artists in art school) to large-scale kenetic sculptures get made every day, and it seems to balance.

However, never say no to something that you actually want to do for yourself, especially if it happens to coincide with what someone else wants. It expands your portfolio and presence if you want to make it a thing you actually like to do that also happens to give you some money as a side-benefit.