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Miniatures painting - Showing off!


Okay, the last of my Crucible Guard (WarMachine) models are almost done for Adepticon (big gaming convention across the border in Chicago).

Also, I need 3 JSA models (Infinity) for that convention as well, and you can see them started here. I was hoping to use the airbrush, but no time for that. Just going to do a really basic 3-colour scheme and then call them done (red armour, gray cloth, dark-gray weapons, washes, done). Oh, plus glue on some ash-flock onto the bases… Adepticon requires all models be painted and based, and I want to be DONE by tomorrow, so that’ll be it.

And then maybe a bit of a break… and then (re)paint everything for Blackstone Fortress, albeit at a MUCH slower pace. And with the airbrush (hopefully it’ll be warm enough that I can open the windows to vent it by then!).


My girlfriend got me an airbrish for my birthday, so I wanted to give it a shot. First is my base coat and some highlights using cheap folkart paints thinned with water. Details and metallics done with standard miniature paints


Need better quality photos, but here’s a WIP that has been done completely with airbrushing so far.


I bought this Reaper Bones mini, because I liked the shape of it and I liked the fur cloak, but I didn’t really like the face or the fact that it’s basically just wearing underwear.
Given this model was really cheap, not very high quality, and I don’t actually like it all that much, I’ve been experimenting a little bit with green stuff (which I still don’t particularly like using). I wish I had taken a progress shot before the mini was primed and painted, so you could more easily see the changes I made. I ended up sculpting a beard, a fur shirt, and a ragged tunic with hood. I also experimented on the base with two-part epoxy, baking soda, and white paint to try to capture a churning water look.

I also did a werewolf, sans green stuff, which was much less of a struggle.


That is amazing! You made that mini so much cool, IMO! What’s the green stuff though? A sculpting putty?


Hard to tell from a single angle, but the green stuff seems to have integrated seamlessly! Great work on the beard.


Green stuff is two-part epoxy putty normally used to fill cracks (the parts are yellow and blue, which makes it green when combined). It dries rock hard, but looks a bit like play-doh before it hardens. However, it’s very sticky, so it doesn’t behave like play-doh at all. Kind of frustrating to work with, but you can’t exactly use something like polymer clay, since plastic and ovens don’t play well together, and air-drying clay is very brittle.


Having completed my painting for Adepticon, I turn to personal projects once again. In this case, I have the day off so I am trying to paint all (or most) of the minis for Blackstone Fortress.

… again. But whatever! That’s fine. I’ll get 'em done.


Are those all different colors of spray primer? Or is that just the base coat?

If primer, damn, you have a lot of different primers! :smiley:


Judging by the paint (and the glove) it’s miniatures paint through an airbrush. Correct me if I’m wrong!


Yeah, airbrush paint for the basecoat and some light (probably TOO light, but I am trigger-shy when it comes to highlighting) contrasts.

I basecoated all the heroes in white and all the villains in black, mostly because I want the heroes to stand out a bit more and white primer really helps do that. On the flipside, the black primer on the villains will mute their colours somewhat (I hope!).


I really liked what you did with the Crucible Guard figures, they had a vibrancy with the contrast of the vivid bright blue and the muted tones of the bodies. I know you’re going to make these Blackstone minis pop.


Thanks! I appreciate. I am… well, let’s say less convinced about my abilities (although I do like how the Crucible Guard turned out).

For example: I picked up an “Ambot” (a robotic version of an Ambull, which is a big bug-creature-thing that’s an expansion for Blackstone Fortress) to use an an alternate version of the Ambull…

I know that in theory the blue-tinted undercoat with the red-tinted highlights is supposed to “work”… but I dunno. It doesn’t look quite right to me? Maybe it will after I finish all the detail work. I dunno.

Anyway, I am working on these two heroes (again):


I usually work with GW stuff - lots of armour, skulls etc. but the Dungeons & Doggies kickstarter delivered not too long ago and I’ve been working on something a little different.

This good boi is a submission for their facebook group painting comp. Got a pretty good reaction from folk so far so I decided to show off here as well :smile:


I’ve been playing around with some more Reaper Bones minis.


How did you manage the water on the base?


I used this stuff. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/armor-coat-quick-setting-epoxy-adhesive-28-4-ml-0671442p.html#srp You can get similar products for $2 at dollar stores near me.


I am absolutely brand new to miniature painting and so is my partner, so we thought we would give it a go and see how it went. She did the tenactle head and I did the maggot beast. I’d say my technique is erm… In need of polish haha. But the effect works for me.


What are those from? Are they part of a game, or standalone minis?


They’re from Mansions of Madness 2nd edition. From some expansions