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Miniatures painting - Showing off!


Fantastic use of subtle color, not to mention great detail work. The Ettin is particularly perfectly creepy, you nailed the skin-tone, and these are all outstanding. The Oni and dragon must have taken ages.

(PS: Legend of Drizzt does have some of the best minis, as do the other D&D board games! Way to make that your own!)


The first space marine from the partwork! Self Criticism, the Dark Angels insignia is way too chunky, I made it from green stuff, but I need to do much better than that. I’ll keep practising, and when I get good enough, that one will pull off, it’s only held on by it’s own stickiness, and after three hours of curing at that. The eyes aren’t great either. I like the blending, I’ve been trying to get away from the neon stripe highlights style, good as it looks and I think I’ve struck a nice balance here between contrast of the dark and light that it doesn’t look too crisp - this is a fallen chapter of the Unforgiven afterall, they are grimy and oily and their armour isn’t presentable!

Showing a close up of the base, which I’m very proud of, the rocks are green stuff, and the earth cracks are made with crackle glaze mixed with paint, painted on the base after it had been varnished, then dried with a hairdrier. Then I painted the surface. You can buy GW texture paints which do the same thing without the mixing.

Edit: Do try to ignore the dust! Those white specks all just brush off!


Thanks! Surprisingly none of these took all that long except for the blue dragon and that was because of the sheer size of the model.

The drizzt models are great, I can’t wait for the dungeon of the mad mage adventure board game for the sweet sweet beholders


That’s amazing. I’m especially impressed at the green stuff sculpting. I’ve tried using green stuff, but I’ve found the stickiness really difficult to work with. I’ve done polymer clay sculpting before, but working with green stuff (epoxy putty) is leagues more difficult. Kudos.


My next attempt, it’s a good 30% thinner, but I want to go further.

I treat it like pastry, I roll it out on a ceramic tile greased with vasoline and then squeeze it with a second to the required thickness - the thinner I go, the less success I have, to the point that this is my thinnest “success”.

Then I cut out the base shape, but leaving three large attachments to hold it still - then I leave it for two hours - not only is it, as you say, far to sticky to do anything with - if you manage to cut any detail into it, it goes through a puffy phase where it will marshmellow any detail you’ve got into it.

After two hours, it’s starting to be ready to carve, but three hours is getting too late. I carve out the outside shape and then curve it over the shoulderpad. After another couple of hours it’s ready for any inside detail - the sword hilt and the divide between the wings and the blades.

After it’s completely set (this time tomorrow on the pictured one above) I’ll trim and file it to clean it up as best I can

(I also plan to paint them in a sympathetic way to help hide the flaws, and leave them stuck only by their own stickiness for easy replacement when I get better!)


@SleepyWill, we both know I am a fan of your work. All I’m gonna say is thanks for posting, and leave it at that.


Nailed it to the point that those first two already need replacing!


Those all look amazing. Which ones are the first two?


Since it sounds like he’s been trying to make the green stuff emblem smaller and thinner, I’d say the black primered mini is the newest and the other two need to be reworked.


I just discovered that if you want to flatten green stuff between two sheets of baking paper/parchment paper it will not stick at all. Even though this stuff sticks to absolutely everything, it’s impossible to get it to stick to baking paper. Game changing.


Yep, spot on!


Progress on models! I still have 24 models to finish this weekend, and then another 17 to finish before Adepticon (March 27th).

Gah! Whatever. It’s moving along, and that’s the important part.


Heck, I’m not worried. Your work has seemed to be efficient as well as high quality so far, you’ll get it done in plenty of time and it’s gonna look great.


Last Friday my son and I went to our first Con. One of the “events” was a walk-in painting tutorial. Everything was supplied, including a mini. It was sponsored by CMON, so the monies were zombies.

We got a lot of help, and learned a lot. It took awhile since we had to wait between parts for the paint to dry, but it was fun! I’m hoping it gives us the push to maybe get into painting a bit more, at least for some games.

Anyway, here they are!

My son (10) painted this guy. He went with the orc zombie, because he finds normal zombies a little creepy. It was another proud papa moment!:grin:

This was mine. I was pretty happy with it in the end.

We did a lot of dry brushing, and layering of colours. Hopefully we’ll be able to apply some of those skills in the near future.


Those are great. For someone who finds normal zombies too creepy, he made a pretty creepy orc zombie.

Ps. it was Breakout Con wasn’t it? I was there too, but unfortunately didn’t do any painting. Hope you had fun at your first con.



Yeah I thought so too, but the big difference isn’t it doesn’t look like a person.

Yes it was. The painting was fun, and the guy running it were great! Super helpful and patient.

We had a blast, and decided about halfway through that were going to try going for 2 days next year. We had to focus on playing short, 2 player games, because of the time restraints. I’m also going to try and read some rules ahead of time for some more complex games.


I can’t remember if they were there on Friday, but on Saturday and Sunday they also had Snakes & Lattes Game Gurus to teach games. They were lovely and I think it was pretty successful, so I imagine they will be back next year too.


That sounds great. I don’t recall seeing them,but we spent most of our time in the game library and painting.

I want to plan it out a bit more for next time, but it was definitely a success for our first one.


Those are fantastic, your use of color is great. I really like the detail with the bases.

Seeing stuff like this makes me want to get back into it. I miss getting that fuzz used for trees and grass, and the smell of the paints, and the huge variety of bits (then I remember the time and money, and my kids, and my lousy job…being a broke adult sucks if you want to have more than five hobbies, and this is one that I miss a lot. At least I can live vicariously through all of you).


Thank you! We had a lot of help from the guys running the table. I believe they both did a lot of commissions.

Yeah, it’s a lot of time and money if you really get into it. I’m not sure how deep we’ll go down that rabbit hole. There have been a few nights where I had nothing to do, and thought that would have been a great time to do some painting (if I had the stuff).

I might get a small collection of paints and brushes to do it in my/our free time (when I can’t be playing game).