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Miniatures painting - Showing off!


Long time lurker, first time poster for this thread.

I would not sell yourself short, those look pretty good to me!


Thanks! I spent ages trying to get the purples & reds to look good


As promised:

Be gentle. It’s still early days and I’m using artist acrylics instead of miniatures paints. I love doing bases though. Possibly my favourite part.


Did I say that bases are my favourite? I just finished this one this morning and I’m quite proud of it. I included a photo at the end of the miniature beside a normal 28mm character from Descent just to show how big this baddie actually is. He was too big for the white printer paper background I did for the previous photos.


Fantastic base work! I find it the best part too, but not sure I’ve gone quite as epic as that last one, it’s nearly as tall as the model!

You’ve inspired me to go big next time :slight_smile:


Thank you! You should give it a try. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve been trying out all kinds of ideas and materials for bases and they’ve all turned out pretty well, I think. With the scarecrow’s base I tried to make it look like a damp field after harvest using a mix of rooibos tea, peppermint tea, and glossy glue over a base that I had already painted and textured to look like rows of raised dirt.


I don’t know if I’m allowed in here. I can’t actually paint. But I do love D&D and I saw these cute wood, laser cut minis at a local con and after not buying them for half a year I broke down and got a bunch.

I used a couple paint markers, but mostly sharpies. I love them and I had a ton of fun colouring them. The light brown wood fills all the colour underneath. So if I get more I might try to prime them and then colour.


Minis be damned, I look forward to these being the new Kickstarter fad.
They look awesome. I’m having difficulty working out the scale from the photos though, are they roughly the same size as regular minis?



Not even slightly… You are wholeheartedly encouraged to post a lot more of this! And anyone else who does things any differently, this is so amazing, just look at little Link!


Pretty close. Depending on the mini, I guess.

My 6 year old son coloured his rogue and it’s almost exactly the height of two d6:


I bought them from these guys: https://www.galaxygaminggear.com/

I am trying to show some restraint for a bit, but I really want some dwarfs, pirates, and dragonborn wooden minis!


Those are fantastic! I feel like the line needs Shovel Knight though!


And since I’m already pushing the boundaries of what this topic can allow… (@MinuteWalt is gonna hit me!!!)

I wanted a cheap alternative for minis in the game I’m planning for my kids. I also didn’t want the monsters to be too scary as they’re pretty young and often find Disney movies too intense.

So I bought some PDFs of this dudes art (https://jpscreations.com), specifically the trash mob art. Then I printed, laminated, and bought some binder clips for my stands!

Here’s a sample:

I will now relinquish the thread back to people who are crazy talented with paint. I admire you, but lack skill, and so this is my solution!


A couple of those armoured guys just need a blue makeover and a shovel and they’re 98% there!


Dang these are awesome and adorable. The 2.5D effect as they call it on their site is a nice touch too, giving them just enough dimension to really pop. And I’m sure they’re pretty easy from a design perspective, until you get into some of their $25.00 models like the grim reaper.



Dude, you could totally print larger versions of that out on home copier/printer compatible Shrinky-Dinks, and have some sturdy little figures after they’ve shrunk. And you can do that with practically any original or hand traced-and-colored thing on regular Shrinky-Dinks.

I love the way you used those clips and took out the handle-y thingys once they were clipped in! I’ve done that before, just because I like having those (binder clips? sometimes called paper clamps? Homestar Runner calls them cow clips) around and I need to do stuff to see how I can take things apart and put them back together again when my hands are “bored,” but my mind is occupied. (I like to link them together like really awkward Legos).

I can’t believe I’ve never thought of that! That’s super cheap, easy, and totally awesome.


When I grew up we called them “Bulldog-clips”. I have no idea why. My guess is they clamp down hard… like a bulldog?!

Anyways, I went to buy some at Staples and learned they call them binder clips. I dunno.

I do need to get some bigger ones for the dragons and other big baddies I printed! And some green or blue ones for friendly npcs, or allies. And save the red ones for baddies.


Well it’s the same at the Staples I used to work at, I guess.

The “clamps” thing came from an order sheet for restocking the office supply closet at a real office job (I was one of the few people in management the bosses gave a key to! Dammit, I keep remembering, that’s not a good thing. Strive to be mediocre, or they just give you more stuff to do).


Also called in my parts “Alligator clips/clamps”. I think it is because if you miss handle them they will “bite you”…


legend of drizzt board game shimmergloom done as a red dragon.

Deep cuts gargantuan green dragon done as a red dragon

DnD adventure board game (maybe elemental evil) Ettin done as an Ettin

Shadows of brimstone forbidden fortress Oni