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Miniatures painting - Showing off!

OK, I did a bit of research and I was wrong! It’s actually “dai” = alternative, “kai” = bosom, “ju” = soft, which is a euphemism for “weird nostalgia”. 代懐柔.


He just really loves hide and seek. But he’s so bad at it. Tragic.

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Nostalgia is a soft bosom?! Aaaaw, that’s so sweet

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As usual, my desire for accuracy overcomes the need to leave a joke be:

Technically, “kai” here means the area around your chest inside a kimono (and therefore traditionally the place you’d keep your money), but “bosom” is also one possible translation, and “kaiju” is used more often in the sense of manipulating people to act as you wish than in the sense of fond memories, but “nostalgia” is also one possible translation.


As long as this has already gotten a little derailed: So does Gojira (Godzilla) really mean “gorilla whale?”

We should probably get back to mini painting, but I really am curious and this seemed like a good time to ask.

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It is a portmanteau of “kujira” (whale) and “gorira”, yes, inspired by a director’s nickname of “gujira” (a person who liked (eating) whale and looked like a gorilla, apparently) but I wouldn’t say it means “gorilla whale”.

Apologies for the derail =P


I have just ordered the game colour set from Vallejo to kick start a habit I had back in the 90’s… it should arrive tomorrow, so my weekend might be spent learning to paint again.

Terrible zombieicide minis are first on the chopping block.


Lol… exactly what I’ve been thinking since discovering this thread: Zombicide has to go first… (eventually I want to paint my Gloomhaven minis and not cringe when I see them.)

My last attempts were more than 10 years ago:

Any hints for a noob before I go shopping?


If I may be so bold to recommend my own advice from a few months back:


That was a great post that I still haven’t acted on. :expressionless:

Hopefully if not for Christmas, than for my son’s bday.

I’m not sure what game we’ll start with. Possibly My Little Scythe because the minis are chunky (but detailed) and they have a fairly straightforward painting guide in the box.

Great for us noobs!!!


Starting the next wave of my Infinity Models, finally (FINALLY) starting to chip away at my massive back catalog of stuff to paint.

The O-12 stuff is what I want to play at Adepticon, so gotta get it all fully painted first (I’m thinking it will be done before the end of the month, assuming my partner doesn’t get on the ball about going to the gym in the mornings (in January, sure, but December is just a mess). So we will see.

Anyway! Progress pics:

A lot less happy with these than I was with the competition piece I did, but as usual: whatever. They’re getting done, and that’s the important part.


So I interrupted my own painting progress to paint a “quick” side project… the army I intend to play is called “O-12”, and they have a TAG (a big stompy robot) called a “Zeta”.

The Zeta doesn’t yet have a model made for it. I suspect they will soon, but I might want to run 2 of them (they’re pretty cheap points-wise), and I definitely want one for Adepticon in a few months and I’m not sure they’ll release one before then.

So I made my own by ever-so-slightly modifying an existing TAG (a “Nomad Salamanda”, one of the most beautiful TAGs in the Infinity line):

The only thing I’ve done is not glue on the tail. Which is about as heavy into modifications I get these days (ain’t nobody got time for that).

Here she is primed and with most of the light-blue areas done quickly (this took about 30min):

Here she is with the first pass of blacks done (about another 30min or so):

And here she is this morning, after a full hour of additional blacks and a little bit of touching up:

Next is to block out the blues (most of the armour plates) and yellows (details, like the head and secondary armour plates), and then… I dunno. Probably a drybrush light-gray over the weapons? Probably. This model has already taken way too long.


That sounds like it’s taking forever… I think my biggest problem will be patience. But we’re going to the game store tomorrow and I think I’ll pick out a few paints for my zombies.

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Marx’s post is full of great advice.

I’d also point you towards the (free) Citadel Colour App for phones/tablets etc. Obviously it is geared towards the paint range, brushes and models of Games Workshop, but there are also some good little tutorial videos on techniques that are applicable whatever the range of paints or models you are using.


Quick one today. Another hour down, and I think the end is finally in sight. Maybe another 2 hours?

Going to spend a little extra time on this one doing a few highlights… TAGs are center-pieces, and I want it to be visually striking.

Won’t bother with the rest of the army, but for my Zeta? A little extra love is probably warranted. But only a little.


yeah Zombicide and some high elves from back in 1996 when I first did the painting thing are my “learn to paint” minis, it doesnt matter if the zombies look kinda meh

I have one of my Gloomhaven copies miniatures painted by a mate, decent job, happy with it, now I get to learn to paint and do the second set :smiley:

still waiting on my brushes and palette so I can paint properly, sadly its summer here so keeping that palette wet will be difficult.


Almost done (finally)… going to try and finish his base tonight (a really quick black wash over the gray, and then maybe a few “lights” inset into the base… I don’t know what colour would work, though) so I can seal her tomorrow and play with her!

I don’t think she looks great, but she does look finished, which is about as good as I can manage these days.

And since this was a silly little side-mission and not really part of the Faction, a week was definitely too long to spend. But whatever. On to finishing the rest of the O-12 this week!


Yours look so awesome!

Mine… well I spent yesterday afternoon on my first attempt at painting zombies. But I have a hard time getting a good picture. Still… here goes:

The ones on the right aren’t quite finished yet. Those on the left… well they are. Good enough to play Zombicide with anyway :wink: I am not very precise and was way too impatient to try and get to the stage where I could see what it would look like with the wash… I plan on painting the rim of the base in bright colors to differentiate the different zombie types.

I ended up letting myself talked into buying a color set at the game store. Not sure I am happy with it. The brand is called Warpaints. It was a Zombicide specific set. Most of the colors are really thin. Which is good for some like the blood or the leather colors. But the green was really difficult to apply.

I also bought a smaller number of Citadel colors to complement the set–I like those much better. And today I used the yellow from my painting acryl colors for the eyes… those have to be thinned down extremely but it seemed to work.

Well, I have a lot more zombies where those came from. So I can get a lot of practice before going to what’s really important :slight_smile:


Okay, finished the O-12 Zeta/Salamandra project (as well as a couple of Sirius and a Gangbuster, also pictured).

Now to get everything else in the Faction done. Probably for next week, if I can manage it. Work is wringing the life out of me, but I’m doing my best to push on.


I love the color theme, and the details. Well done, Marx! :clap::clap::clap:

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