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Miniatures painting - Showing off!


Pretty in pin . . .er, blue!


Thanks! They’re very sloppy compared to my usual quality of painting, but they are getting FINISHED (what you see here was 2 days of work), and that’s super important right now. I want this entire army (literally everything in the Faction x2) finished for Adepticon at the end of March. But that means I have to be finishing approximately 2 models a day (or 2 units a week), every day.

Thankfully they’re coming along well!


I haven’t yet got my hands on any warmachine mini’s but they look really good and I might have to bump them up my list!


I think that’s several levels above “adequate,” which is a heck of a lot better than “sloppy.”
If this is your “sloppy,” your “good” stuff (as seen above, scroll up, folks) utterly shames me.

PS: does “ROAAAAWWWARRR!” still apply, here? Because it should.


I feel like I’m the only person who posts here any more, but it’s nice to get some positive feedback so as long as it’s not bothering anyone else, I’ll keep at it (also, other people should also post! Because my stuff sucks!)


Your stuff is inspirational! I’m posting mine in Warhammer 40k Conquest Partwork Thoughts and Mini Review but it’s not good enough to put in this thread, I would be embarrassed!


Hey, good work! It’s good to have someone posting other than me (for the first few years at least!)


I just haven’t had the time to paint… :pensive: Your work is great though!


I haven’t had much time for painting these days myself, but I did pick up a macro lens for my DSLR for some high res photos of my minis

Here’s the nolzurs helmed horror that I needed for a campaign.


Whoa nice!


I’m going to post this one here, because I am genuinely proud of it - you might notice that I haven’t even waited for the paint to quite dry…

It’s not finished, but 90% there, it’s a test mini for techniques and I’m working on the blending of the red, it is supposed to be subtle!


I think it looks great. One day I will make an attempt.


I got some more photos!

I think some of these are repeats but they’re also all better quality (well photos taken with a better camera; painting and camera work remain the same)

It’s been a while as I kind of forgot I enjoyed painting, in a bid to get to two half finished tzaangors off my desk I invited some friends around to paint with me. Turns out having others about makes painting a lot better, who knew!

Anyway better pictures:

Previously seen tzaangors

Cultists! Previously seen I think.

New cultists… I may have forgotten my previous colour scheme

New tzaangors, finally off my desk!

Old rat assassins

Some speed painted not-goblins which I should probably put at the top of the list to revisit


I love the tzaangors!


I’ve recently started miniature painting as a relaxing thing to do in the evening and I’m quite enjoying it- mostly Descent and some random cheap Reaper Bones minis for RPGs. I will share some photos soon.

I grew up painting with acrylic on canvas, so I already have a bunch of highish quality artist acrylic paint that I’ve been using. Obviously, that’s not ideal for minis, since the paint is a lot thicker, but I’ve been thinning it with acrylic matte medium and have had okay results. I can’t justify buying dedicated miniature paint right now (wow is it ever expensive).


They look great!


I’ve still to finish the bases, but although these are not quite finished yet I wanted to share them mainly to show off the great minis rather than make a claim to any great painting skill.

These minis are made by Oathsworn Miniatures for their Burrows and Badgers skirmish wargame. It is a really nice light skirmish game, needing only a handful of minis to play, and has a load of character.


Long time lurker, first time poster for this thread.

I would not sell yourself short, those look pretty good to me!


Thanks! I spent ages trying to get the purples & reds to look good


As promised:

Be gentle. It’s still early days and I’m using artist acrylics instead of miniatures paints. I love doing bases though. Possibly my favourite part.