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Miniatures painting - Showing off!


I’ve just acquired a new camera, and finally the photographs of my miniatures don’t make them look like they were painted by a toddler. I thought people might be interested in posting some photos of the things they have painted for their favourite games and maybe sharing some tips and tricks on how to do a better (or faster!) job.

So, me first. These were painted using mostly the Army Painter range of paints, and a couple of their cheap brushes. The matt varnish (aerosol) that they sell is fantastic and really adds to the finish. (Though having just looked over the photo’s again it looks like i’ve been back over with gloss varnish and made some armour and other bits shiny again!)

Painting minatures - getting started

Wow, that is seriously impressive! Amazing stuff!


These look great :heart_eyes:


I really need to get started painting my descent figures, will post here when complete (ha!)


Ooo. Alright then. I don’t really play 40k anymore, there are better miniatures games to spend my time on in that regard, but I do still paint minis for it just because I enjoy doing it. When there was rumbling that GW was going to do a Deathwatch boardgame I decided to finally work on something with my Deathwatch shoulder pads I’ve had for 3 years. I really need to get a proper photo setup though if I actually want to show off… anyway:

Here’s the my Kill Team sergeant, naturally an Ultramarine wound up in charge, next to the in assembly progress Librarian from the aforementioned Deathwatch game.

And our heavy weapons specialist, who was originally going to be an Imperial Fist but since I guessed how GW was going to do their box game marines so well(or I suppose because they were so predictable about it) and the Imperial Fist in that box is also the Heavy Weapons guy I changed it up, which lets me put the nifty red fist for flavor.

And last but not least, said Librarian, mostly complete. I still need to do writing on various bits of scroll work, and some more touchups here and there, but I’m super happy he’s done. I started playing 40k after playing Dawn of War 2, so naturally my Marine chapter(because everyone who has played 40k has one…) is the Blood Ravens, and this guy is the first official model from GW from the chapter.

Everything here was done with nothing but GW’s citadel paints and shades. The green stuff on the librarian’s sword is their Oxide technical paint, I’m not sure if I quite pulled off the effect I was going for but I still think it looks neat. I need to get a shot from the other angle for the various gems on the sword hilt and his chapter badge…

And I guess to tie more of this directly back to boardgames, one of my completed Space Hulk genestealers. I still have 23 and all of the terminators to go…

More stuff and some WIP shots on my flickr account…


I’m leaving my Space Hulk minis until I’ve got my hand back in. Also, despite how lovely they are, marines never really excited me much. Think the first 5 stealers’ll be fun though. Also, I should play more Hulk.


I’m really digging your weathering on the AT-ST!


Sorry - been away for a while! I’ve just sorted a couple more pics…

Imperial assault characters (don’t look too close! Rushed these a bit.)

More imperial assault

A few pics of a Hordes (Legion of Everblight) figure that I’ve been painting. Pleased with this one.

The rest of you - keep posting - it’s good to get some inspiration/motivation :slight_smile:


…also just finished painting the XCOM interceptors


All your painting so far is great, but you’ve also got a really nice photographic set up going on. Really helps to showcase the minis.


Cheers :slight_smile:. Recently invested in a Fuji XT-10. I’d say the results are pretty good for the price - though I’m bound to as i paid it!
I’ve popped a few other shots (not miniatures) on flickr if anyone’s interested in photography - just getting started really :smile:.

p.s. Otacon - I must say I’m always tempted by some Tyranid action (and that base/girder is awesome), I just can’t justify giving GW so much cash when I’m still not sure how I feel about their business practices.


Got another couple of pics. These are of a menoth warcaster from warmachine. Privateer press do putout some nice models.

Also one of their warjacks…


Those are ALL amazing. And here I’m just a nubblet ruining my expensive minies while learning. o.o


I am painting too. I just started uploading my pictures to instagram. https://www.instagram.com/godzillastodespranke/

Once i am done with enough Tyranids so i can start playing 1000 point games, i’ll start on the Gears of War Boardgame. Although i love the Tyranid models and my color theme, I need a change :smiley:


looks great, i want them


Just managed to snap a few more pics of some of my painting escapades since last year. Maybe we can inspire some more people to post their own, or to have a go at painting :slight_smile:
I’ve been working on expanding my orange Legion of Everblight… (slightly!)


I really want to paint a few of my games (just the usual CMoN), but the whole process is pretty daunting! Maybe I’ll pick up the courage in the new year


It’s been quite some time since I last painted, but I used to paint my Super Dungeon Explore minis as a way to relax. A few of them still needed final touches, but I was happy with the overall result


I like the clean look on the chibi style stuff. Particularly the contrast on the ginger ghost cat girl thing!

I’ve been trying to speed paint some Mansions of Madness stuff, but the quality is variable. Sometimes I can’t help but spend too long, and sometimes it looks a bit untidy and I can’t be bothered fixing it!


I see nothing I would consider “untidy” in these. Nice job!