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Message From A Game Library Donator

Hi all!! Another SHUX is done! I donated a bunch of games to the library once again, and was overjoyed to see so many folks playing my collection. I left a sheet of paper in the bigger boxes for folks to write a note on and I’ve had a blast reading them today as I unpack everything.

If you played a game with a big piece of green painters tape on it and a twitter handle, then that was one of mine and I hope either a) you enjoyed it, or b) you didn’t and I’ve saved you $40+. Both results are equally valid.

Also, to whoever put a set of dice in one of my games as a thank you, you’re crazy and I love them!! It was an amazing surprise to find them inside, and I can’t thank you enough.


I have some of the best notes in mine too!

And I swear some of them are in better condition than when I donated them, which I know is impossible but still. So much care and attention :slight_smile:
Glad you had as good an experience as I


From the #WCHSatSHUX crew :wink: you’re welcome! And again, THANKS!!!


i’m sure i played a couple of your games, but as i don’t know how to… what’s the word… “tweet” i think? i gamed in anonymity.

thanks for the donations!


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I had my twitter handle in a few games and got a couple responses from people about Paper Tales and Dinogenics. Glad they got some play!

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Thanks for loaning out your games to the library again this year! I checked out and played your copy of Barenpark, and now it’s on my list of games I need to add to my collection.

Having pieces of paper for people to write notes is a great idea too. I forgot to bring any pens with me (a silly thing to do on my part, considering the proliferation of games by a certain Mr. Roland Wright), otherwise I would have left a note for you. So you’ll just have to imagine me leaving a nice little thank you and then thinking of a great bear pun 20 minutes later :wink:


Yes, thank you to all who donated. I also was without a pen to leave a thank you message.


I played your copy of Barenpark and had a blast. Thank you for donating!

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