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Long time viewer, first time on the forums. I was wondering if there was any merch’ for sale? Is there currently or plans for a shop? Specifically, I would love one of the reference pear tshirts.

Like this one https://youtu.be/_u2xEap5hBM?t=171

Cheers, Will


A few years ago there was a limited run of “official” fan-designed t-shirts. They were printed in the U.S., however, and as with everything shipped with their postal service, it was really expensive and slow for people in other countries. I think they also sold some of the newer pear design t-shirts at the UK Games Expo this year.


If you need another reason to come to SHUX, they had a merch booth there. :wink:

I thought SU&SD sold merch online, but maybe I imagined it or it’s been taken down now, sadly.


I also thought there was a store or merch link on the main page, but if there was it appears to be gone now.


Give it time.

These things can come in waves until it’s a permanent fixation. It wasn’t too long ago they were hand-filling loot bags for sponsors.


I still think this whole TShirt thing was an elaborate prank.
Sure, they did a design contest, announced the winners and there was a link to the alleged ‘online shop’, but I’ve never, ever seen proof this shirts actually exist!
Not even in this forum, where the selfie thread is moderately active. I’ve asked about Shirt selfies before, to no avail. So, I ask you, where are those fabled garments?


The guys have worn them in several videos and Efka’s wearing one in NPI’s Treasure Island review.

And I’ve posted two selfies wearing one (and I own another one, but i don’t wear it as often).

And if it were an elaborate prank, they would’ve gone with one of my designs


I have two of them thanks to my lovely partner getting them for me as a gift- Watch the Skies and Pear-Bear.


I’m not convinced, Efka and you both wore heavy flannels over most of the shirt - maybe you just printed out a design and tacked it on the front? :crazy_face:

Seriously, though, thanks for the links, I must have missed your shirt selfies; I had a hunch NPI might wear one from time to time but didn’t want to go through their video list to confirm it.


I only knew because I watched that one a couple of days ago. I didn’t search their whole archive :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess you do watch their videos from time to time? I don’t, although bI quite like their style, but time constraints have limited my board game media input considerably of late.


Yeh, when I’m interested in a game. SU&SD, I’ll watch whatever they put out, regardless of whether I care about the game. NPI are probably the best for when I want to know more/get an opinion.


I too have a Watch the Skies shirt, though I bought at SHUX’17, not through the fabled online store.


So let’s see some more shirt goodness on the selfie thread! :grinning:

I was not entirely joking when I declared the shirts a prank - it did seem a bit strange that they handled this whole merch thing rather unceremoniously. Maybe they don’t want to emphasize this kind of thing over content, and keep getting their money mainly through donations, but I think that’s a shame, considering the cool idea with the competition and the effort that went into the designs.


I remember them saying that they weren’t really making much, if any, money on those shirts, because the printer they used in Florida for those shirts was one that was particularly high quality. Not sure who is printing the newer designs.


I like Merch, but I think their biggest problem is logistics. They have an audience which spans several continents and they want to be as fair as possible. I think the back end is more of a nightmare than most of us realize and outsourcing that could potentially cost them more than what they bring in. In the end, economics of the situation I think is what is preventing a webshop from materializing. I also think Matt and Quinns want to make content, not manage inventories and shipments.

@timber yeah, I think the web shop was technically costing them money in the long run because the shirts were not ‘print on demand’. Then judging what sizes to print and how many. There are lots of little things which slowly chip away at the bottom line… I think they are focusing on selling Merch at conventions, which is a bummer for those who cannot make it to one, but I think that is the way they can make the most out of each shirt.

Also, a note, at SHUX18 they were selling the SHUX17 shirts. Some proof on how unpredictable managing inventories can be. SHUX17 they knew exactly how many people would be there, but not what sizes they would buy and how many they would need. I was happy to see this and jumped on the chance to buy a new shirt because my first one shrank enough after washing to not fit me. That is a whole different thing to take into account.

Ahh, retail sales… I could ramble and rant forever!


I totally meant to buy one at SHUX’18, but stupidly waited for the final day. All my sizes of that shirt were sold out by then.


cough toldyousocough


Too right.

Remember all you Sitters and Pearverts, it wasn’t too long ago that they got to even do what they’re doing now as a full-time job, opposed to a bit of a lark (OK, a dedicated and serious lark about cardboard criticism. But at first, a bit of a break from video game journalism).

They need a bit of infrastructure so the creatives can keep producing material and feet on the ground to handle shipping and production, that’s a lot to ask from such a small team. While PoD (Print/Production on Demand) options are vast and mostly painless, it’s a bit bonkers on a global scale.