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Megagames - Your Experience SHUX '19

Hi, all,

I am planning on attending my first SHUX this year. Looking over the event schedule from last year, I was intrigued by the several mega games hosted at the convention.

I am unable to find prices listed anymore for last year’s games, so wanted to ask here if anyone remembers how much it cost to play?

Also, for those that participated in a mega game, how was your experience? I noticed that they generally take most of the day. Did anyone find that they were too long, or that you missed out on the convention by playing in a mega game? Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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I think the ‘shorter’ length games were around $30-$40 and the ‘longer’ games were around $50-$60?

I am going by memory, and I did not play them last year so do not have a stub for a record.

Maybe @lis might be able to help out on some info, if she has time.

Peter Nixon organised them last year.

Paging @LateToThisParty

They were a blast!

You can check out some of the pictures and media here.

Here’s an audio clip from the Cold War era Alien Invasion game. (They did not know we were recording haha)

Tickets ranged from $30 - $60 and the price was correlated with the games with more elaborate game materials being the ones that charged more.

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Hears a video of my debrief from last year because it was a debrief of the megagame based in the Scythe board game Universe (1920+ Universe) AND we got Ryan Lopez and Hoby Chou (designers of Rise of Fenris and My Little Scythe respectively) to play! You get a sense of how much fun we all had :slight_smile:

Ryan is right at the beginning but the audio doesn’t get better until after he’s done talking haha

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