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Megagames at SHUX

Apologies if I have missed anything, do we know if there will be any Megagames at SHUX?

If so I may very well go over for it…

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There was mention of it, but no firm details have been confirmed.

Paging @lis


Details on Megagames coming soon!


Happy to hear that!

Any idea on timescale? Need to think of flights if they are on.

Be awesome to come over and livestream them.

Just getting the last details together, next week or so is the aim! :slight_smile:

https://www.shutupandsitdown.com/shux-tickets/#megagames-anchor @Mr_Megagame

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Thanks @RossM! Yes we have announced Megagames - you can find all the sweet details at the link Ross provided!


I’m wondering if I should take part in a megagame this year. The first year was fun, but it just wiped me out afterwards. So intense. There’s a cold war alien one…that could be fun…but also Dwarves? I mean…I have a fake beard and wig I could wear but no real other costuming for that. Decisions!


There’s no getting around it - Megagames are often socially, mentally, and depending on an individual’s pertinacity to dash to-and-fro, physically exhausting.

Decisions! Decisions! Deephaven is a good choice, as its in the evening and the jovial tone wears a bit less than more serious games. But other games are good choices TOO! DECISIONS! DECISIONS!!


Is Den of Wolves sold out already? It would have been my go-to pick but now I am not sure which megagame to pick.

There may be a waiting list, which is always a good way to get into full games.


I bought a ticket to be a part of Dwarves of Deephaven. XD! Gonna have fun I think.

Den of Wolves is unfortunately sold out already!

If you were looking for something with a more mechanical bent to it, I’d recommend Sworn to Serve or Lights in the Sky. If you’re looking for something that can be a bit more serious in tone, I’d recommend Sworn to Serve or Sickle.

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@LateToThisParty Thank you for clarifying that. I wasn’t sure since the link was going to page not found instead of listing it as sold out.

I am debating between Sickle & Lights in the Sky. Do you guys think it would be too much for me to do both of them? I have never experienced anything like a megagame before and have only been to two small conventions in the past year or so.

Sickle is a shorter game in the evening and the two games have a day in between the them which will be a nice break for ya. It’s also nice because playing in an MG is often a good way to make friends so you may make friends in Sickle that you see again at LitS!

Many other players (20+ at this point) will be doing multiple games at SHUX as well - although many of these players usually have experienced megagames in the past.

I’d say go for it!

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