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Megagame Megathread


With SHUX offering Megagames annually and more of them occuring around the world I’m trying to assemble a MEGAGAME MEGATHREAD of information on the subject.

(Small proviso. As a Brit, there is obviously a bit of European bias in this list. Please comment or PM me and I will add other relevant links, or flag up any errors.) The best place to look is the main facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/mmakers/

I’ve participated in several, so feel free to post any questions you might have. I’m sure we have a lot of other megagamers about the place.

SU&SD Coverage
https://www.shutupandsitdown.com/videos/susd-play-megagame/ The original Watch the Skies Video

https://www.shutupandsitdown.com/videos/susd-play-megagame-2-pt1/ The follow up video for Watch the Skies 3 part 1

https://www.shutupandsitdown.com/videos/watch-skies-2-pt-2/ The follow up video for Watch the Skies 3 part 2

https://soundcloud.com/susd/podcast-17-the-megacast SU&SD discussing their first Megagame Experience

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMZd-8XJfPE Daft Souls discussing the teams’ second Megagame Experience

https://soundcloud.com/user-749170155 Megagame Report - A regular podcast on the American Megagame Scene

https://soundcloud.com/last-turn-madness Last turn madness - A podcast focusing on the UK Megagame Scene.

List of Megagame Sites
http://www.megagames.org.uk/ Website of the UK’s Megagame Makers

https://megagamemaker.com/ Personal Website of Jim Wallman

https://www.beckybeckyblogs.com/ Becky’s blog focussing on her experience with the press role and designing her own megagame

https://boundy.me.uk/Games/Megagames/Events/ Probably the largest list of Megagames being run around the world.

The Shut Up and Sit Down Discord has a Megagames channel: https://discord.gg/nyTqey8

And on a wider scale for your international Megagames needs, there is the Megagames International Discord server as well: https://discord.gg/nPpfwbH

https://twitter.com/hmegagames?lang=en Horizon megagames, a new set of megagames being designed and run in England.

Given the latest review - MegaGames!
Has anyone here organized a Megagame?
Watch the Skies Megagame at UKGE

My first megagame is this weekend. I’ve read the rules available to me, reached out to my teammates, got a costume, and will shop for food to fuel a day of gaming later this week. Anything else I should prepare?


Paper and pens are always good. The highlight of my first game was when a player expertly slipped a secret note into my hand whilst I wasn’t looking. You’ll always have too much going on to just keep in your head.


An intentionally very open-ended question: what makes megagames fun?


Short answer, the Pub. Long answer incoming when I’m not at work.


What do I think makes megagames fun?

You get to find out about yourself.
A really good quote I can steal is that "A megagame is a game where everyone thinks they are the protagonist, but no one knows what really happened until it’s over. Megagames will teach you what you are like when you’re put in a unique situation.

You get to meet ridiculous people.
Go to the pub, or after game drinks or whatever the local equivalent is. Not only will you meet people away from their role (Which might be that of a complete bastard) you also get to ask the questions about things you didn’t understand, chat to the designers or corner that one person and ask them why the hell they did that totally illogical thing.

You set your own agenda
Look at Brendan in the watch the skies videos. He set his own victory conditions, and has a great time carving his own path. No matter what your role is, you can change the outcome of the game.

You’ll be thinking about if for days.
It’s not coincidence there are so many AAR’s (After Action Reports) for megagames. It takes a while for you to process everything. Here are mine. https://washingtonblogference.wordpress.com/ and http://megagamesforum.co.uk/forums/topic/folkestone-nightmare/


I’m just off to Red dawn. I may be in charge of keeping the Tsar safe/imprisoned. Let’s see how that goes.


Turn 2 :pensive:


A couple of links to more Megagame talk here!

The Shut Up and Sit Down Discord has a Megagames channel: https://discord.gg/nyTqey8

And on a wider scale for your international Megagames needs, there is the Megagames International Discord server as well: https://discord.gg/nPpfwbH

There are quite a few designers from all over in that one, including the original creators of Colossus of Atlantis as well as Age of Flint, so it’s a good place to ask questions!


Thank you. I shall amend the first post!


Nothing like reviving an old thread is there!

I’ve just updated the top post with some snazzy new links, but this is really a chance to also say.

Like Pirates?


Blood and Thunder 4, the most piratey of all megagames still has some places free. For reasons beyond my control not only am I going, but I’m also Captain of the dreaded ship ‘Folkestone Fury’,

In the tryout games I only set my ship on fire 50% of the time.


I would like to give some advice to people who are going to play a Megagame for the first time. Last year I played ‘Watch the Skies’ at SHUX17, my first Megagame and really you could say that it was my first RPG. In hindsight, I should have played at least one RPG before attending. After playing an RPG for a bit now… I can without a doubt tell you that I am 1000% more prepared to play a Megagame. It is not a requirement, but I played as a Head of State and that job requires 1 part resource management and 1 part creativity and with the flight troubles and poor sleep in the run-up to the event, I was woefully behind the eight-ball on the later!


Here’s my draft of an after action report on Blood and Thunder, the pirate megagame.

Containing the only known photos of me.


San Diego’s Puzzalarium organized their second Watch the Skies megagame this past weekend. Here’s the AAR told from the perspective of the Brazilian military officer, i.e., me:

Contains no photos of myself.


Terror tower is amazing!


At SHUX18, I am going to be playing in the 1st generation of Heirs of a Shattered Age… I am really excited!


Just posting this here as well as in it’s own topic - thanks for pointing this one out Ross!

Thought some of you UK folk might be keen to know that we’re running the Watch the Skies: megagame on Sunday 2nd June at the huge UK Games Expo in Birmingham. For those that haven’t watched the videos from a couple of years ago, it’s a giant 60-player megagame of decision making, resource management, political simulation and alien mystery.

We’re running Watch The Skies: Second Sight which is a re-designed and augmented version of the original “Watch The Skies” which has now been run dozens of times, in places all over the world. Players represent major countries, corporations and aliens, as alien contact threatens global stability and international conflict intensifies This game is aimed at new players wanting to try out megagames at the same time as enjoying the best con in the country!

You can sign up for the game here - https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/bookevents.php?category=lar

And get more details on the game here - https://www.swmegagames.co.uk/wts-second-sight