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Medium to Heavy Euro that plays as well at 2 as with higher player counts

I love Great Western Trail, my wife loves Terraforming Mars and we’ve recently acquired Teotihuacan. We play a lot of 2 player, but also a reasonable amount of 3 & 4 as well. I don’t think any of those games are anywhere near their best at 2.

What games if this weight and length are there that are as strong at 2 as they are at higher player counts? Would Nusfjord fit the bill?

La Granja is my easiest suggest, it plays really well at all player counts from 2 to 4. I really like it, great game for me.

First Class is faster but really satisfying. Also scales incredibly well.

Keyflower amazing game at any player count. Be warned though at 2 it is cut throat. Really good game, but with 2 it become 0 sum.

Although heavier, certainly not in the realms of medium but does play really well at 2,3 and 4 is Lisboa

A word of warning though. I’m different in my euro tastes to SUSD mostly. Also from your post in the last played thread, I don’t like Teraforming Mars and was wildly unfussed by GWT while I really like Teotihuacan. That being said, those first 3 are widely well regarded and Lisboa is very popular amongst those who like it so they could well be worth a look for you…

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Agricola scales amazingly well. The setup is different for each player count, so some things that work well with 5 don’t work with 2 and vice versa.
Caylus is great at any player count. With 2 it’s almost chess-like because there’s no hidden information. Whether that’s a plus or a minus is your call.
Both of these have a bit of a different feel when playing 2-player (like Keyflower does), and they become really harsh.
I haven’t played Nusfjord, though I’d like to go there some day.

**castles of burgundy ** is my favorite euro and it is great at all player counts. I think it is best at 2. SU&SD have an old written review on it that I think is helpful.

Well, “medium to heavy” is a somewhat subjective term, so these might be a bit on the light end for your tastes, but here’s my suggestions…


Castles of Burgundy - I’ve heard it said that it’s a bit of a drag at player counts higher than 2, but I don’t agree

Maybe even Snowdonia? It’s a really clever game with some unusual traits. Scales well due to the number of action spaces growing and shrinking with the number of players.

The suggestions for Nusfjord are very heartening. I love that game though I haven’t played it at a lower player count yet.

Some interesting suggestions so far, thanks.

We’ve played Agricola at 4. We really enjoyed it but I haven’t seen it in stock in the UK for a long while.

Castles of Burgundy does appeal. We attempted it a con in Cardiff but it was mid to late afternoon and our fourth game so we didn’t even start. It’s a great price for a highly regarded game though - I’m very interested in the deluxe version that is coming out (Essen release??).

I’m not sure about the more cutthroat suggestions. My wife is like Sun Tzu and I think I’d just get my arsed kicked. The kids are of the age when anything too take-that is a row waiting to happen.

Another vote for Castles of Burgundy - and I do agree it is less fun with more players, as it is vulnerable to AP.

I also think Suburbia and Castle of Mad King Ludwig are good two player games, although better with more players.