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Meals for the Merely Misfortunate Game Night (Or, One-Pot-Wonders-that-may-not-need-a-pot)


I absolutely adore corned beef. Admittedly, I am often reminded that I’m eating something that only exists because of rationing, but I don’t care.


Conversely, my kids almost eat meat exclusively. I can get applesauce or sweet potato into the older one, and he does like rice and potatoes (especially hash browns), but otherwise fruits and vegetables are just a no-go. The younger one is even pickier. Meat of all kinds, applesauce or similar fruit pouches, and a couple of cereals and that’s it.

To be fair, my kids are both autistic and I think there’s some texture sensory issues involved. The older one really seems interested in shrimp when my wife makes it, but he’ll spit out a bite of it if he tries it. We got him to take a piece of strawberry a month or so ago and he promptly threw up a little bit. He’s also the one who has been diagnosed with sensitivity or intolerance to gluten, nuts, soy, dairy, and eggs. The younger one is just sensitive to gluten and nut.

Yeah, meal plans for them are fun


I feel for you, Maestro. That’s a rough menu to work out every day.

But now I’m craving sliced potatoes, kielbasa, and applesauce. Why does applesauce traditionally go with sausage? That’s horrible! I’m not even from a cultural background that’s supposed to like this sort of thing!

You know what, next game night, I’m just getting a tray of cut vegetable canapes with some kind of generic creamy dip, a bag of pita bread, and a tub of hummus, and let everyone fight it out.


Pork, Caraway and Apple? Pretty classic combination!


But why? I’d never eat that if I was thinking about it, but I’d totally eat that if I wasn’t.

But is that a One-Pot games meal that may not need a pot?