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Making Chocolate (from cacao beans)

For Christmas my wife got me a book covering how (in fantastic technical deatil) to make Chocolate from scratch.

This week I finally tempered and finished my first batch and I’m quite pleased!

I kept it simple this time, making dark, 70% chocolate but with the 2nd half of my bag o’ beans I’ll give milk chocolate a try.


Nice! I’ve never been able to temper it correctly. I started to look into making chocolates more and ended up buying melting chips but they weren’t as good, but worked to hold yummy fillings. But once my oldest was diagnosed soy intolerant I stopped tinkering. Same with baking (he’s gluten intolerant too)

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It was touch-and-go for a while and this batch is tempered, just not particularly well (need more practice). I know that you can add soy lecithin to the chocolate to adjust it’s flavor and consistency, but cocoa butter works too if you wanted soy-free treats.

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