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Make It or Break It! (A Maker Topic)

The knob arrived (already!)


Intentionally restraining myself as much as I can here, I’m sorry if this sounds like a joke from what I said earlier, I’m actually being serious, please take it in that context.

That is an impressive knob. It’s smooth, and seems like a hefty chunk, a satisfying piece of hardware to handle.
I wish I had one like it (the one on my record player is gnarled). It looks nearly the same as the image you posted in your prototype earlier.

I meant to ask you earlier, are you using a regular potentiometer or one of the ones that have little spaces between contacts (those have become more popular with digital equipment), or something else?

I just noticed (I can’t believe I didn’t see this before) your website printed on the board. Slick.

EDIT: In the future I should probably type “dial” instead of “knob,” even though that’s not technically correct. I swear I’m worse than a little kid, I still giggled when I proof-read the above.


Haha, don’t worry, I’ve been purposely trying to use as many adjectives to describe it as possible :smiley: It’s pretty damn hefty being solid aluminium but the board is now very much top heavy, so need to get round to making that case sooner rather than later.

I’m quite pleased with how well it matches the model, I was able to go back and tweak the design know I know how the knob sits on the pot. It’s a dual-gang (stereo) potentiometer with logarithmic taper. It was pretty much the cheapest I could get my hands on, but is designed for audio uses. It isn’t (as far as I know) stepped. As you can imagine, you can spend an awful lot on potentiometers.

Yeah I tend to throw the website on there in case I end up selling the PCBs (as I have with others) and I don’t have any other sort of branding.

Edit: here’s a link to the knob I bought.

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I clickyed the link, I really dig the matte black. The brushed shiny one is nice, too, but that black looks best. I don’t know how I can even have an opinion about that at this stage, I just feel like that was the right choice.

That has to feel hefty, solid, and satisfying in the hand, even for aluminum. I would not like to be hit with a sock full of those. It looks like they just precision machine them out of a solid bar of aluminum alloy, and anodize-coat them. Simple enough, but a good piece of work.

(I had a friend who used to do this with steel for public telephones. Holy cow, their equipment was AMAZING! I was almost drooling with envy. I didn’t know AutoCAD, or I would have applied for a job. Which was OK, since there aren’t really any public telephones any more).

A sock full of knobs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
(Could another moderator please ban me? I’m getting worse than when I had to order mouse balls at work, before they all became optical wireless. The other office supply guy on the phone would also chuckle, but then we’d just put in the order of balls.)

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The brushed shiny one does look really nice. I’m probably spending way too much time and money on something that I’m going to set and probably shove in the back of a cabinet :laughing:

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Has anyone made their own dice? I see a lot of people selling dice on etsy and the like and I’d like to have a go. I’ve seen a couple of vids to make resin dice but not sure how good the dice are?

Also - if you have to leave one side out of the mold to pour your resin in, how do you add the number to last side?

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My half-brother and I tried to make some out of soapstone (a very satisfying material to work with). We used a hand drill to gently make little pips. They seemed fair, but the edges chipped.

Anyway, with an injection mold, your material is completely surrounded by the mold. The main thing you have to worry about is having a clean mold, because that can cause pitting, and the line caused by the seam(s). Most dice companies throw them into what is basically a rock tumbler to smooth them out, but that can cause imbalance (which is why you get lucky/unlucky dice sometimes).

Do you have a link to what you’d consider the best video you’ve seen for resin die? I’m familiar with injection molding, but I’m really interested about what you said. Also, I think the one side could be blank, and that would be the “1.”

This is the account I’ve mainly been watching. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChM3LSWZ2dDoe-EZR-YQXMg

I thought injection moulding might be a bit beyond me so far! Making them with resin seems simple enough to have a go

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Die Würfelschmiede is doing some good work! I am impressed. A lot of those techniques are not dissimilar to what happens when a toy company, for example, makes molds of figures, I’ve never seen it done at a workbench (outside of plaster-casting, which is similar, but not the same).

Might be getting carried away with this…


Can you build it?

Well then.

(Currently failing to resist


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Still waiting on the 3D printer to turn up in my work’s makerspace so I can print the case. Might take advantage of another local makerspace for a laser cutter.

its been a while since I have made a plush, but I am going to try my hand at making a poochy.
My oldest really likes poochy yoshi woolly world play thru. But the only toys i see are etsy (I worry about yarns durability) and amibos that are discontinued and spendy.
I think the mouth will be hardest. And I am rusty. But its 5 months until birthday so lots of time


Remember, the worst you can do is fail, but it’s always worth it to try. You get better every time.

(Well, except for things like (as an example) when I tried to ride a skateboard and a bike at the same time in high school, I’m still paying for that idiocy).


First test print of the case!


Here’s where it lives:

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Is that the new Banana Phone? Could you get it to sync (to pear?!?) with Bluetooth…

I’m so sorry for the fruit pun. I am an actual Dad, this is how we do.

Dad jokes.

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