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Make It or Break It! (A Maker Topic)


Hopefully the blog articles answered any questions you had :slight_smile:


It answered a lot! I love seeing how things are made, and this is incredibly cool.


So I was ill yesterday… I may have made all the STLs for this as well as some test prints. Seems to work.

I’ve just started the first print of one set of all the parts (i.e. 0-9) you need 8 of each for a full set so should only take 32 hours print time :wink:


So after 4 hours of printing I have some pieces.

Not bad a first version but I’ve got some refinements that I’ll probably implement. Mostly using a white PLA so I can add some colour. Increasing the “etch” depth so the number is a bit more visible. They probably should be sanded a bit more than I can be bothered to right now.

Next thing is a box for them…


Needs some colour for readability I think (maybe an excuse to buy a load of coloured filament…)

All prints in one, even on my tiny printer! Could also double as a city scape…


I’m not going to lie, I’m geeking out, this is beautiful.


Did another run in white PLA with slightly deeper etching. Looks a lot better. If I’m feeling energetic I’ll try and get the numbers painted up / some more sets printed to finish it all off


Forgot to post it here but I made a box for my Dominion (+Intrigue) cards (sorry for the terrible photo quality).

Really need to finish up my Splendor box (also mmmm laser cutter)


Awesome! Will you show us other boxes you’ve made?


Thanks! Once I have more to show I will : )


This may be the silliest circuit board I’ve designed:


That is silly! And super fun, well played!


The fireplace will have 12 LEDs sitting behind it to create a nice sparkly effect :wink:


Ooops, I forgot to share how these turned out:

More info here:


Nifty! I particularly like the modes with a few sparks flying upwards in a random-looking manner.


Yeah, I was really fortunate, all that animation is doing is turning the LEDs on/off in the order they’re connected :slight_smile:


I had that on a loop for 5 minutes.


Some more PCB jewellery:





I finished the cufflinks with a clear coat of enamel, here’s an arty shot.

I did the same to the pin, but didn’t take a photo of it before I gave it to my friend as a gift.


Finally made my laser cut box for Splendor, I’ve got some notes & more photos on my website

But here’s the short version, initial design:

In Fusion360:

And the finished thing: