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Make It or Break It! (A Maker Topic)


I always use big hats, pillowcases, or shopping bags, because, admittedly, I’m a cheapskate traditionalist.


Thank you very much! :grinning:


Way back in the olden days (80s and 90s) every gamer had a Crown Royal bag to hold his dice. At least, around me. I grew up in the southeast of the US.


I grew up (and still live) in Florida, you can’t get much more southeast than that in the US. I’ve seen Crown Royal bags used for all kinds of things, I’ve no idea how a Canadian whiskey got so popular down here.

Grandmothers use them to make tiny cushions, I’ve seen people use them to hold air fresheners under their car mirror, I’ve seen moms somehow make them into stuffed animals, I know this guy who tried wax, petroleum jelly, and liquid latex trying to make a waterproof bag (the latex actually worked, sort of), and always: dice bags, sometimes with cards.

Occasionally, from what I’ve seen, they are even used to contain a bottle of whiskey.

(For the curious, the latex my friend used came from a company that sold it to people who wanted, for lack of a more comfortable phrase, wearable paint-on latex “clothing.”

Nowadays it’s mostly used for monster consumes and makeup, but the 90’s were weird and people used to “dress” up in this stuff. I never did, I can’t live without having pockets.

My friend eventually ended up treating his bag with a diluted ammonia solution, mostly drying it, and dipping it in to a black latex he bought from a…“specialty” store…and it actually worked out pretty well! It kept wallets and keys dry-ish on a tubing trip down the Ichetucknee River.

True, the dry bag from the camping store worked much better, but I really did approve of his mad-scientist approach.)


What? Clothing, you mean, all over? Wouldn’t that get horribly uncomfortable? I’m seeing people paint it straight onto their skin. Am I wrong? I hope I’m wrong.


You are not wrong. It was basically paint-on clothing that dialed up the value of what “skin-tight” really means. Not as free and breezy as body paint, but requiring less brute force than donning other “outfits.” Also difficult to remove, especially if you haven’t cleanly shaved the, um, “areas of application,” and if you didn’t have an allergy to latex before, you might develop one.

I never tried it myself, but I do know people who have, I even dated a girl…well, like I said, it was the 90s.

(I didn’t know her when she tried it, she did not recommend the experience, in case anyone was wondering. There are many reasons why it’s mostly just used for monster-makeup and costuming now.)


Oh good lord. That sounds so painful. Ah well, whatever floats their boat I suppose.

Anyway, back to making stuff! :slight_smile:

(All I do is foamcore inserts, not that fascinating. Oh, and lessons for maths - even less fascinating for here)


Please, yes, let’s put that behind us.

Well, speaking of foamcore (and other various foam-ish stuff) does anyone here know how to make a hot wire foam cutter?

I’ve seen some videos that have been handy, but none of them really do it 100%, and I could use a few tips from someone here who’s made one before.


Anyone have experience making mousetraps?

I was thinking of trying out something like https://youtube.com/watch?v=IlLtMAeSNBM, mostly because it looks easy to make, but also because it’ll be safe to leave in the location I have in mind. Not sure where I’ll get a deep enough “bucket” though.

(lethal suggestions preferred - I’m not going to release them just so they can go into someone else’s house)


Good lord, that’s an ingenious trap in the video you posted, and we’ve had a problem with rats lately. Regular traps don’t really work well, and I don’t want to use poison because I’m worried about our pets snacking on a poisoned rat.

Any discarded 5 gallon bucket looks like it would do the job, as long as the sides are smooth (some paint buckets still have dried paint on the inside which might give a purchase to climb out), and I don’t know about Japan, but you can get new 5 gallon buckets at any hardware store here. I know, because you can often find food-grade ones you can use for home-brewing as a carboy.

Honestly, my only real problem for building that is finding a wire hanger (seriously, it’s like they don’t make them anymore) and figuring out the best place to put it.

The buckets they have locally also usually come with lids, I may consider cutting a hole in the lid so the tipping-mechanism will deposit the vermin and make escape more difficult.

As the man in the video said, a few inches of water will make it lethal, and it incidentally makes it more difficult to escape, but I also cringe slightly at something that’s not a short clean death (they have been doing a lot of damage, I won’t cry too hard). We also have an issue here with multiple other small, curious, foraging animals, like opossum, racoon, and squirrels that could throw a monkey wrench into the gears.


@MinuteWalt waves

No real tips on soldering/brazing. I’d recommend This Old Tony on youTube, he’s got some good stuff on brazing : )

More directly on topic I’m currently trying to design a box for laser cutting to hold my copy of Splendor. Also trying to make a design of NMBR9 for 3d printing (I have a real copy but want one which is pub proof)


Ooh, I’ve been considering a plastic NMBR 9 too. It shouldn’t be too hard, though making it obvious which side is up might be fiddly. What are you thinking about for a top surface texture?


I was (trying) to make it lock together, so the tops were going to be obvious with the number “etched” into it : )


Having worked in service, that may be a tall order. There are a lot of materials that can withstand the abuse, but many printers won’t output stuff that won’t peel off layers after a few years of abuse.

I wish I had more for you, my experience with 3d printers is limited to plastics, being a helper for other, more skilled, people in auto-CAD, and simply enjoying the end-results.


I read “pub-proof” as “will stand up to a beer flood”, not “will last for years of rough treatment”.


I personally can probably stand up to one, but probably not the other :laughing:

You are right, though, my personal work experience is based on how long we can have things before they need to be replaced because of customers, servers, cooks, and dishwashers. A beer flood would have no impact on most 3d printed materials.

However that doesn’t mean, if there’s an opportunity to test until failure, I wouldn’t volunteer to be one of the crew! It’s all in the name of science. Hit me with the beer flood.

I’ve tried searching for NMBR9 homebrew designs, and I can’t find anything for the bits. I know game licensing in America is basically “don’t steal the art, feel free to steal the rules,” but I haven’t found so much as a rip-off template.

Keeping it Neat - Best ways to organize components & LCG

Yea I’ve not found any NMBR9 homebrew (and for me designing it my self is half the fun).

Aim is basically to make something that’s not card


Share it if you make it Sam, please, that would be super cool.


In the past I’ve shared my work over in the “Shameless self-promotion” thread, but it’s probably better shared here.

This is revision 2 of my Skeletor badge :skull:


If you are selling this, I think it’s appropriate on both threads (I actually saw the other first).

Just keep the selling part on the other thread, try to make how you made this on this one.

Seriously, that does look cool, it’s just in time for Halloween, and I wanted to know how it’s done (I did click on the link).