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Mage Knight BG, Twilight Struggle, Through the Ages, Race for the Galaxy...?

…although I’m sure eventually @Benkyo will win.

How good are you at Twilight Struggle? I haven’t played it a bunch but won’t make too many newbie mistakes. And have no qualms at being slaughtered.

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I have a 1900ish rating on the app, but I haven’t played a great variety of opponents, any 1900+ opponents, or a huge number of games. I think I’m pretty good. Baby duties mean I’m restricted to 21/45 day timers.

@Benkyo is quite good. Or I’m quite bad. (It’s probably the latter.) Either way, he wiped the floor with me when we played but was a gentleman about it.

It was a nice change from the generally fairly close games with the people I play with in person, and I certainly learnt a thing or too.

Hi All. I’m a big TS fan but haven’t had much experience playing real people, either on-line or in real life. Despite the fact it is clearly the best board game of all time.

I’ve just challenged you @Benkyo, and I look forward to a thrashing, seeing as there are 400 points between us. I’m Capitalist Jim, by the way.

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Game on!

I hope you don’t mind satisfying my curiousity: why are all your losses forfeits?

Huh. I have a memory of playing at least a couple of games out for the loss. There were a couple of 30m games that went late and I ran out of time, though would probably have lost. And I’m afraid I did start a couple of games that I forgot about due to some real word distractions. Oh, and I think I did resign from one game after being Quagmired under RS/P early in a mid war round from a losing board and score position.

But I promise I’ll play this one out whatever!

Oh, I have no problem with resignations in principle, although I do think part of TS appeal is that come-backs are even possible from -19 VP. It’s just time-outs that are disappointing.

Maybe forfeits are recorded as separate from losses?

Benkyo, hope you’re okay with me posting the global situation, circa 1957, as we enter the MID WAR!

Fair to say there was a bit of sloppy US play early on, but fortunately for the capitalists, the cards have landed overwelmingly in favour of The Free World throughout the whole early war.

USSR ahead just 4 points…


Looks like a pretty good game so far. I gotta say I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets the US kicked out of the middle East in the early game.

Well, let me tell you, @Benkyo is all talk! All done and dusted by midwar. Easy victory. All hail me! The new SUSD reigning champion.

(PS, if Benkyo comes by talking about “luck”, you can just ignore him).


A different interpretation could be…

Early war=
Appearance of Destalinisation: No
Appearance of Decolinisation: No
Redscare Purge: Delt to US. Twice.

Grain to Soviet: Immediate Appearance (round 4 headline)
USSR trapped in a 7 turn Beartrap at odds of over 2000 to 1: Yes.

There was also the US getting AMB treaty AND Brush War. Plus plenty of US suboptimal play getting rewarded with seriously serindipitous random chance draws.

I don’t want to put people off TS, because most often than not, better players will win. But I suppose any game is capable of strangeness.

Thanks @benkyo for staying good humoured throughout this frankly hilarious cold war.

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I was in the Bear Trap for 9 rounds. “Only” 7 failed rolls though, that’s true =P

The early war was rough, but Grain Sales hitting We Will Bury You was another nail in the coffin. After that I needed something to go my way - an event to gain a foothold, a decisive series of realignments or a strong coup, but nothing happened. And then the Bear Trap.

One useful measure of card draw you can refer to is how many OPs on each side came from neutral cards. In this game, I think that was 42 to 15, or 38 to 8 if we only count cards played. I can’t remember the last time I saw so few neutral cards!

Looking forward to the rematch =)


The Twilight Struggle rematch ended a while back with a decisive win for the US in Turn 4(?). I’m up for more games, any takers?

The Fire in the Lake game wrapped up recently with a decisive win for the ARVN. I think they just had all the money (siphoned from aid) and bankrolled the win. I guess the huge NVA build-up packed up and left Hue, and the VC leaders were bought out or killed. I don’t really understand how this translates into a US loss though.

The Through the Ages games seem to be on hiatus for a while, which is fine, I was getting a little frazzled keeping up.

Still playing a bit of Race for the Galaxy, could easily play more.

My main “game” at the moment seems to be making a Pax Pamir 2 Vassal module and/or PBF kit. Hoping to get the art assets from Cole Wehrle so I can get stuck into it.

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