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Mage Knight BG, Twilight Struggle, Through the Ages, Race for the Galaxy...?


Aww. This recruitment drive seems to have stalled out. Perhaps the SU&SD audience isn’t the most appropriate place for this thread.

@JamesKohli, @RossM, @fodder256, would you mind if I expanded the search to members of my local gaming group, and/or other forums? Or are you primarily interested in the opportunity to play with the SUSseD community?


Hey guys. How do i play with a specific person on Twilight Struggle on Steam? Would love to play a game.


More people is always good. =) feel free to expand the recruitment. I’m still working through the mage knight rules, but having a cold this week has somewhat stalled my progress.
@LaLunaVerde if @Benkyo doesn’t beat me to it, I’ll send you a message about TS this evening.


Profile & Friends > + > [Enter name] Confirm > Back > Create Game > Invite Friend > Drag name to open side.

Or just let us know your username here, and someone will invite you to a game.

I play 21 or 45 day timer, standard game (optional cards on), random sides +2 influence to US (or bid).


Okay. My steam account name is redhaven901


Don’t mind!


Need your Twilight Struggle username, not your Steam account (in any case, a search for redhaven901 came up negative for both).


Apologies! I’ll work on that.


OK, we have enough people for FitL through recruiting on the BGG forum.

@JamesKohli, @RossM, are you still keen on getting a game started? I’m thinking the “short” game using a slightly hacked version of Joel’s Vassal module to include 2nd edition updates. Random sides.

Once I have confirmation from the two of you, we’ll need to either move game coordination over to BGG, or drag someone from there over here, or switch to email or something.


Sounds good.


Ah, I started up another game in the meantime, and realistically don’t have time for two at once :(. Sorry!


Well, I’m still going with the Mage Knight rules. I’ve got the basics down but I don’t think anything more complicated with stick without application.

In saying that, I’m suddenly reasonably busy between work, PBF RPG’s, and eating and sleeping I’m moderately busy. With all that in mind, if you don’t mind playing a slow game because I’m
A: learning the rules
B: Somewhat busy
I’m still keen for mage knight. No promises I’ll be any good though.



Have you had a look at the Vassal module? We’ll play the FIrst Reconaissance scenario.


I’ve got Vassal working, but haven’t had a go with the actual Mage Knight module. I may have overlooked that. I’ll have a play with the module this evening and then get into a game proper on Monday? (Gloomhaven on Thursday, followed by a weekend away makes Monday the first chance I get.)


OK, here a screenshot with all the windows open and some labelling of the setup I randomly generated:

Also, the log for the setup:
Setup.vlog (342.6 KB)

I picked Norowas as he is the character least suited to the short First Reconnaissance (he likes to build up slow, recruiting an army).

When you have the time, load the log, pick a character, draw 5 cards (“5” button next to your deck), and pick your tactic (mouseover to read, click the tactic to have it move to your sheet).

Let me know if you have any questions, and you can use the screenshot as reference for questions about the module.

Note that I couldn’t be arsed to sort out tiles 1-8 from the deck, so we have a random country to explore instead of the scripted start described in the walkthrough.


Also, if anyone is curious, this is the current state of play in Vietnam on turn 12:

NVA has made some inroads, taking out 1 US base
Both NVA and VC seem to be massing for an attack on Saigon, but the VC has been hard hit by US actions, losing 3 bases.
US recently wiped out a massive NVA invasion in Hue, but the air strikes there have garnered opposition to the US presence.
ARVN has effectively maintained enough control and siphoned off enough aid to private coffers to be very close to winning.

Bodycount (not sure how many people are represented per token, or how many of them are considered dead when a token is removed):
US: 1 base, 2 troops, 1 irregular
Vietnamese: 3 bases, 17 troops, 4 police, 11 guerrillas


I’m only now getting a feel for the US, but loving the game.


First game of FitL just finished, with a win for the VC!

Funny ending, with a very risky move by the VC that left three bases exposed paying off as both the US and the ARVN failed to respond effectively for 3 whole cards, leaving the VC in position to win when the monsoon rolled around on the 4th card, the 5th being the coup that ended the game.

The, uh, “highlight” for me was a post-coup massacre of US troops (inflicting even greater losses on the NVA) that was intended to massively and permanently reduce US presence in the region, but public support(!) for the war led to a whole load of fresh US troops being flown in immediately afterwards.

No games of Mage Knight BG or Twilight Struggle played lately, but lots of Through the Ages =)


Second game of FitL just finished, with another win for the VC!

Despite playing the “full game”, it ended very quickly (“quickly” meaning it still took almost 2 months?!).

Game 3 is being lined up, but all four original players are staying on for round 3, so there are no openings at this time (maybe someone wants to play games in parallel? I don’t know, that’s not something I want to do).

I’m also ready to start some more asynchronous Mage Knight BG, Twilight Struggle, and Through the Ages games at any time!


3rd game of FitL is still ongoing, and is older than the twin babies I am currently holding while tapping out this message.

Consecutive 3-player Through the Ages games are going strong.

Haven’t played any Twilight Struggle or Mage Knight BG in a donkeys age, although I did update the Mage Knight BG module to the ultimate edition. Anyone up for a game?