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Mage Knight BG, Twilight Struggle, Through the Ages, Race for the Galaxy...?


OK, So technically none of those games need the forum to be played, but I think they can all benefit from playing slowly, over an extended time period, with people you have some connection to outside the game itself.

So, is anyone here up for playing one of these four games?

Mage Knight BG would be played using Vassal, the module I made, by exchanging log and save files via email or Google Drive. 2-4 players.

Twilight Struggle would be played using the Playdek app. 2 players.

Fire in the Lake would be played using Vassal, the module by Joel Toppen, by exchanging log files via email or dropbox. 4 players. EDIT: I just don’t have enough time on this planet to play any more FitL. Please consider this game struck from the list.

Through the Ages would be played using the CGE app. 2-4 players.

EDIT: Race for the Galaxy is now on my phone, and would be played using the Temple Games app. 2-4 players.

If there is any interest, any of these games could be supplemented by a forum play-by-play commentary, perhaps as a learning aid or strategy guide.


I’d be keen for either Mage Knight or Twilight Struggle. Fire on the Lake doesn’t quite look like my thing. Or at least not my thing for learning over the internet.
In saying that I’ve never played Mage Knight either and the SUSD review doesn’t make it look easy.

I’m not familiar with Vassal, but do have Twilight Struggle on Steam.


Well, if we go for TS, we can get started straight away. My username is Benkyo, and I propose a 45 day timer, random sides, +2 influence to US game.

If we go for Mage Knight we could recruit more people, or start a learning game 2-player. Either way you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the rules, and have a go at familiarising yourself with the module too: www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Mage_Knight_Board_Game (I have a module with all the expansion content too, but for a first game the base game would be a better idea). I have heard from various people who learned the game by using the module, so I know it can work for that purpose. That said, it is designed for ease of play, not as a learning aid. Of course I’m happy to teach the game, but you will need to put in the groundwork - otherwise I’ll just end up rewriting most of the rulebook in emails.

I’m happy either way!


I’d be happy to start with TS. I’ve got about half an hour before I have to be somewhere, so that should give me time to install and work out Vassal.

If you can recommend somewhere with a good copy of the Mage Knight rules I’ll make a start reading them and see how I go. That way if someone else is keen we could start a game of that too. Or after I get thrashed at TS.


No rush, I’m still at work (shhh).

I think http://wizkidsgames.com/mageknight/ has the rulebook and walkthrough in searchable pdf formats - just go to the “how to play” tab.


That link does indeed have the rules. And a player walk through! Yay!
Oh gods it’s 20 pages long. It also suggests reading it out loud. I’ll get around to that. Maybe not the out loud bit.

In other news, I believe I have Vassal working with TS, and have run myself through a turn successfully. I’ve also added you as a friend on the Vassel forms. However, I can’t work out how to start an online game of TS, with Vassel, so would you like to do that, invite me, and we can get started? My username is the ever original Fodder256.


You would prefer TS on Vassal? I mean, the Steam version is considerably easier to use.


Oops. Steam works fine for me. I’ll set that up tomorrow afternoon.
My steam username is fodder2567.

Sorry, I assumed Vassal, cause it’s free and I’m tired.


Funny thing about MK, it’s actually got a good flow to it and is easy to play… it’s just hard to play correctly without someone on hand to correct all the tiny mistakes a new player inevitably makes. It really just boils down to playing cards to generate move, attack, block, and influence, and using those points to power up and snowball. There’s just a lot of different locations, enemies, units, spells, etc., to complicate matters.


I’d definitely be up for Fire in the Lake, or any other COIN game (FITL is by far the most intense… we might have better luck with Falling Sky or something if people haven’t played before).

I’d volunteer to post images and such as well so the forums can follow along.


Great! I would like to hold out for FitL though - see if we can’t get another two players.


How do you communicate in game? Is there a messaging service, text or voice chat? Vassal looks cool. It has Arkwright and everything!


Well, you can play Vassal games, or either of the apps, in realtime, and then you can use the in-engine text, or set up a separate voice chat. That’s not what I’m going for here though. It’s difficult for me to allot x hours to play a game with family interruptions.

What I’m proposing is playing either of the apps with ~45 day timers, or Vassal games by exchanging log and save files by email. The other player(s) can view the log, then load the save and play through their own turn, and email the files (you should be able to just play from the end of the log, but I have found that recording a new turn based on a save avoids some weird bugs). In that case any comments you write in the log will be sent.

Of course, we could supplement any of this with rule questions in a dedicated thread, or by email, and/or a forum game-state commentary.


Cool. Voice chat and stuff is a pain for me, but posting a file and setting up a thread here is really simple. Put me on the I will play, but I will be terrible, so pick anyone else list.

(Also vassal has Virgin Queen! http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Virgin_Queen Don’t tell @quinns !)


Skill is not an issue, but ability to read and understand rules will be. Much easier if you know one or more of the games, or have the level of interest necessary to learn to play without a physical copy in front of you and a realtime explanation.


Currently watching this… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktAGUuGPmzM


To signal boost one more time, are you sure you wouldn’t rather take a shot at Falling Sky (Caesar in Gaul) or Liberty or Death (the American revolution) for the COIN game? My reasoning is that they’re both more newcomer friendly (especially Falling Sky) and easier for forum-goers to follow along with. I’m happy to go along if you have your heart set on Fire in the Lake though!

(EDIT just realized that in your earlier post by “hold out” you might have meant for FITL specifically, in which case disregard my suggestion!)


I do (well, not really - I’ll probably enjoy playing one of the other three games I mentioned more, but FitL is specifically a game that I want to get better at through Vassal play, and is the only COIN game that interests me, so if a COIN game is going to be played, that’s the one I’m up for).


Cool, fully on board then!


Well, one game of Twilight Struggle is underway, one game of Mage Knight BG is pending and has room for two more (to be played after the TS game), and we have 3 people interested In Fire in the Lake and need a fourth.

I’m happy with the turnout so far, but we need another player to really get going.