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Looking for Scoundrels - Blades In The Dark


Hello, you lovely pearple!

A couple of friends and I are going to play Blades in the Dark. Two of us (Sam and myself) have played it before, but unfortunately the other folk we normally play with aren’t available. (Rachel might eavesdrop, but they have some excuse about doing a doctorate or something so won’t play) The third - Mikey - is a lovely person who has never played Blades but wants to give it a shot.

We’re going to meet up this Friday (which is, er, tomorrow. Sorry about that) on Roll20.net at 9:30 GMT/4:30 EST.

If you’re intrigued/interested/inspired/alliterating and want to join in, let me know! Tomorrow is going to be basic character and crew building, and don’t worry if you’ve never played before. I have the PDFs and everything is set up on Roll20. I like in the UK (so I won’t be up all night), but I work from home so should be able to answer questions etc during the day.

You’ll probably need some kind of mic - a webcam would be lovely but isn’t mandatory. Ordinarily this is where I’d want you that I have cats in case you have an allergy, but even as I type this I realise that that’s not entirely relevant.

So you - kind of last minute, but we figured running with four scoundrels would be even more fun than running with two, where better to find lovely players than here?



Oh I really want to play this and have read the rules, but don’t have time currently…maybe in the future if you do it again.


Totally - currently we’re planning on making this a recurring game - Fridays at 4:30 eastern/930 UK time

If you suddenly find yourself with the time, let me know!


Do play from the UK?


I do, as does Mikey. Sam plays from the East coast of the US


Ooh, I just stumbled on this a month late. I’ve been reading through the handbook and I’m very interested in trying out the game sometime.