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Looking for escape room video/mobile games


There are a lot of escape room games in the mobile store. Looking for mobile or video games where the puzzles are not primarily inventory puzzles (i.e. use item X on object Y to receive item Z, repeat).


It’s more literary, but Device 6 might be interesting to you.


Thanks for the recommendation. Too bad it’s iOS only.


The Room series.

The Rusty Lake series does have a lot of “use X on Y” puzzles but a lot of other really great puzzles too.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes sounds pretty good. Not a traditional escape game, but I think it appeals to a similar audience. Caveat is that while I own it, I’ve never found an opportunity to play it.


Keep Talking… is super fun, I played it quite a few times with various people and it’s always a blast.
It’s available on the Nintendo Switch, if you own one that might be the best platform for this game. Just be prepared to print out quite a few pages.