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Long Games! (At Shux)

So, I have a game that I bought roughly a year ago at the collective suggestion of Mr. “Lunchtime Egg” and Mr. “It’s My Turn Now, Business!”. And I have never played the silly thing. People around here are… a little intimidated I suppose? Well heck so am I.

But it seems to me that this convention may be the perfect time to finally try to (vicariously) finally make my chain of bistros!

Sorry, I suppose I’m just having too much fun with this. Query: best method to try to get players for a nice semi-late night game of Food Chain Magnate?

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Usually there will be some method of scheduling games at the con, whether through an app or Discord or whatever. You can just post the game and a proposed start time and see who responds.

Heck, you might even get it scheduled in this thread, months before the con!

Alternately, grab a “Players wanted” sign, get the game set up and wait for random people to come over. Last SHUX, a friend and I did this with Inis, and we had two more players in just a couple of minutes. Not sure we even got everything out of the box.

Good luck!


I would definitely be interested in Food Chain Magnate. Never played it myself, but would love to try it.

It might be too early to plan now based on not knowing what events/panels will be going on. Even so you would have one player.


I’m interested in playing Food Chain Magnate. I’ve never played, but would like to join if you’re willing to have a new player.

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