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Little Black Table

This has been driving me crazy. In some of your videos you have the little black extendable table and I want one for my new studio to save space. It looks great because we play a lot of big games and I play so much random Solitaire and Onirim which can be done on a smaller table I can move around easy.

I think it’s an Ikea Bjursta.

<3 Thank you.

Thanks for this post, I’m moving house and need to buy a new dining table, this is exactly what I’m looking for :smiley:

Sadly, the small black version doesn’t seem to be available on the website any more :confused:

Bjursta is the one I have as well.

The brown-black one seems to be available in stores around the UK so it’s not discontinued and should probably be available locally soon.

Even the smaller sizes that the oak one appears to come in?

Oh, no, I’m not seeing the smaller ones in brown-black, sorry.

Finally picked my table up :slight_smile:

It expands to twice the size which nearly fills the room, I think that’ll be fine for the occasional boardgame.

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Fyi the Bjurstas are discounted at the moment and I suspect heading out of stock permanently.

It seems they are already out of stock in Germany, at least I couldn’t find them on the Ikea website.