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List of regular boardgame meet ups


I know there are threads for individual events etc but I can’t find a list for regular gaming clubs. Thought it would be a useful resource for people if they’re trying to find one. It could be pinned to the top of this section of the forum.

For example, I run a small gaming meetup every other Wednesday in a small village called Lytchett Matravers in South Dorset. Anyone passing nearby would be very welcome!

Here is a map that you can add your group to: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KC4QiEPWQNdk3B5lwubVJ4Yrkf0RvoKg&usp=sharing


I have a group from work that usually meet up on Friday afternoon/evening in the Luton/Harpenden area. We’ve been struggling to get people together recently so happy to welcome new people if they’re interested.


List of the ones I know in West London:

  • Isleworth Wednesday in the London Apprentice
  • Twickenham Tuesday at the Cabbage Patch
  • Twickenham Saturday at Twick Library - 2nd Sat of the month
  • Richmond Saturday at Richmond Reference Library - 3rd Sat of the month
  • Surbiton Sunday at the Coronation Hall - every fortnight
  • Turnham Green/Chiswick Saturday at the Tabard


It might be an idea to set up a shared Google map, as that would be an easy way for people to find some that interest them.


Well, there is already The unofficial SUSD forum membership map! which exists for just this very purpose (mostly).


Not QUITE the same thing. I did consider it


Yeah, I know. It’s not the exact thing we’re looking for.

What about an online shared doc (like through Google or dropbox or a wiki) that anyone can edit, cross-linked with a map like the above, like what @bruitist suggested? Combine the two just for local meetups, anyone can ignore what doesn’t apply to their location? (it will still be global, no way around that at this point)

After all, that was the purpose when the Meetups heading was made back in 2014. You may be on to something that’s only taken us several years to figure out.


Another approach might be to ask people using this topic area to put the location and frequency in the subject line, so that people can search for them quickly.

(I don’t think there’s the traffic to justify a huge hierarchical thing such as BGG has.)


(It has worked fairly well so far)


I’ll get the ball rolling with one (of, like, 8 that I know of) entries for Osaka, which I’m sure will be useless for just about everyone here. Please add your own, maybe copy the link to the original post. Who knows, maybe this will become a useful resource?


EDIT: Oh, this is a Google Map as discussed above, in case that wasn’t clear.

EDIT2: As noted in the map itself, I think it is better to label the locations with the days, rather than the location. So, my entry is “1st Sunday of every month”, with details in the description.


My friend and I are looking for people in the North London area to join us at the Brownswood pub in Finsbury Park every now and then. Usually Thursdays from 6pm.


Thanks @Benkyo. I’ve added to the original post.

@MinuteWalt could this be made sticky somewhere in case people need it?

@bruitist @lalunaverde @tomm_archer @RogerBW @mhaine90 please feel free to add any groups


Already did :smiley:




Seems to need a Google account, but if someone else wants to add the one I know about, https://www.meetup.com/Marlow-Board-Games-Meetup/ “first and third Mondays” is the most important stuff.


I live near Chiswick so the Saturday session appeals. Do you know who I need to contact to join in?


Our Richmond Library Saturday session is in here: https://www.meetup.com/WestLondonGamesClub/events/261068396/

Just rsvp and show up.

This Saturday will be in Twickenham, but the following one will be in Richmond (the one near the riverside, not the one near the Green)


Beyond Monopoly at the Bar Convent in York, on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month

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I’ve pinned it in the Meetups category, I hope that helps.