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Let's talk about: Heirs of a Shattered Age: SHUX18


Hello! And welcome to a fun discussion of the new mega game: Heirs of a Shattered Age!

You can talk about anything about the game in here you want! But keep it civil!

(Full disclosure… I was the 1st Generation Goss (Green) Explorer.)


How did the game start?


Like any other mega game… I was running late from breakfast and had not contacted any of our team prior to the event.


I am going to post more obviously, but still working on the write-up. I have some notes and hope to post them in the next day or so. In the meantime, I hope others will share their thoughts and experiences.


3rd Gen House Parattis (purple) Knight here.

I had a blast with this game and thoroughly enjoyed hearing (and am still excited to hear) about all the shenanigans that I did not witness first hand. Hats off to Goss coin.

I think my favorite aspect of the game was the oral tradition that developed in the hand off turns. For each generation their last turn overlapped with the first turn of the next generation. After the necessary greetings (Father! Daughter! It is good to see you!), there was just this frantic information dump that often led to incomplete information (and if I remember correctly, only the Sovereigns could look at the chronicle that the scribes were keeping) or just straight up irrational blood feuds being handed down. I definitely instilled some hard distrust of House Goss in my successor at the knight table!

As such in between all of us trying to learn our roles and the political dynamics of the game, our parents dropped the lovely nugget of the fact that they had worked with Blue and Red to summon some sort Ancient Evil, which we decided to fully support moving forward. Unfortunately, no one told us that the “Ancient Evil” was in fact an ice drake that we literally spent the whole game telling the other houses we would work with them to defeat. Naturally, when we pledged our allegiance to said ice drake, no one was particularly pleased with us…

I have some other thoughts/stories but I’m interested to hear what other folks thought of the game, and am definitely very excited to read through the chronicles and see what the scribes chose to highlight.


Can someone explain Goss coin to me? All I got from the podcast is that one of the Goss scribe said it was “basically a ponzi scheme” :joy:


So at the beginning of the game, our Kinwarden had brought some metal coins that were not part of the original game as a prop. He had an idea that these coins could be used as informal favors that could be given to other houses in exchange for something at a later date. So, for example, if you do me this favor by doing X action, I would give you a metal coin for your assistance as a token of helping house Goss, and it would be proof of your help and could be passed to a future generation to show that you had helped house Goss in the past. It is a form of “Cryptocurrency”.

Well, Control overheard us discussing this, and they said that the only way it could make it into the game is if we could convince all of the other houses to buy into this system. So, with that our Kinwarden pushed Goss Coin very hard and passed the idea down to Gen 2 Kinwarden…

Well, it sounds like other houses eventually bought into the idea of Goss Coin, and so it became part of the game in later Generations, and from what I heard, in Gen 4, the Sovereign of House Goss used it to really mess over the other houses.

This is only my understanding of the situation. If our Gen 1 Kinwarden sees this, please correct any mistakes that I have made in describing your idea. From my view, at the end of Gen 1, no one was interested; however, later Generations fell victim to our plot to get something for nothing. It was a rather abstract idea that evolved into something. The lore of the game was that House Goss was the mercantile faction and focused on trade and money, and that notion was fully embraced by the mercantile players.

I would really like to hear more from the later Generations that bought into Goss Coin to hear their thoughts, and later Generations of Goss to hear more about how they implemented this construct…


This was one of the most intriguing concepts of the entire show to me- a kind of legacy game which actually simulates the way things can be lost to history as time moves on, along with making it a more manageable length for people who find a full day of mega gaming a bit intimidating. I only got to walk by a few times and could never tell what was really going on, but I hope I can take part in something like this one day.

Really looking forward to reading some write ups of people’s experiences with this, and props to the designers for coming up with such a fascinating idea!