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Let's Play Leaving Earth


Far above our heads The Lucky Luke rendezvous with the Ion thrusters.

Down on earth the newly expanded Lucky Luke is ordered to begin the incredibly slow journey to the Moons orbit, as the order to fire the Ion engine is sent the whole scientific team hold their collective breath.


The ion thruster suffers failure after failure, and Lucky Luke does not budge from it’s orbital path. Major Failure and the drive is damaged.


Lucky Luke disengages from the Ion Thrusters, leaving them forlornly orbiting in close proximity to the damaged Egalite. @RogerBW let me know if you want to buy my space junk.

Pay $5 to remove the faliure.


Back on Earth, another Salvo of three Juno rockets is sent into the stratosphere!


A trio of successes!


(Aha I’ve got a 87.5% I’ve got two successes!)


Just so you know, I don’t know what’s under your cards, I’m playing each check properly with a shuffle in between every time! No shortcuts here!


I would expect nothing less!


Always worth mentioning at least once, especially with this being a new game to me!


End of year for me!



I’ll offer you $1 for the damaged ion drive unit…

with $25:
buy 2 Soyuz @ 8 = 9 left
buy 1 Vostok @ 2 = 7 left
buy 1 Supply @ 1 = 6 left
launch a pair of Vostok, with Belyayev on board, plus one Supply, on a pair of Soyuz to Earth Orbit, to score Man in Space.
If Belyayev is incapacitated, separate the Vostoks, re-enter the empty one (and buy off the last card if it’s a failure), then re-enter the other with him in it.
If Belyayev is not incapacitated, leave him there for end of year. If the first Life Support fails, buy it off and move to the other capsule, hoping the second Life Support won’t fail. If he survives, score Space Station.

If there’s $5 left, recruit Feoktistov.


It seems, there are no particular dangers to space travel for humans!

Belyayev becomes the first man into space, and the first into orbit to boot. (( I will just point out that Man in space does state “and back”, but given I’m mostly learning the game from your blog and posts on bgg, I’m not going to argue! ))


Fair point, I don’t get the score until he has landed safely, which affects next turn’s play order.

Feoktistov continues to write letters to Cosmonaut School only to be informed that the State has no need for his services at this time.


Yeah, $1 doesn’t cut it at this point. I’ll keep it in mind though.


Fair enough; alas I have things to do with all the remaining money this year.


Ignoring Feoktistov (that’s how close he got) and adding that $5 back in:

3 cards left on Ion Thrusters, 3 on Life Support and 1 on Re-entry



1 Card left on Soyuz Rockets, 2 on Juno, 2 on Ion Thrusters and 1 on Surveying


So. What’s the scores?


As things stand right now:

CNES: 2, OKБ-1: 0

Next year, potentially:

CNES: 2, OKБ-1: 8


Are we all done for the turn? Is it back to rolling?