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Let's Play Leaving Earth


Yep, you’re absolutely right!


I will hold my $4 until after @RogerBW turn, if he wants one.

If USSR pass

Blow it all on Juno rockets.


In the base game, radiation only affects astronauts. In Outer Planets, some of the new locations affect probes with radiation too.

OK, with $5 left, I’ll try separating the two Vostoks in orbit. Pay to remove a failure. If it’s a success, use the $5 to recruit a Mechanic astronaut, Konstantin Petrovich Feoktistov.

End turn, end year.


France blows all available budget on Juno rockets :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


End year.


The separation of the Vostok capsules is a disaster, if it could go wrong, it did go wrong! One of them is damaged in the attempt. However the investment into understanding how to heat the latches without causing expansion that will jam them has paid dividends. This failure has been mitigated on future designs.

France meanwhile up their production of Juno design rockets significantly!



A new decade and the public have more interest than ever in Space, and reaching it. There are hushed whispers all across Europe that the USSR will win the race to put a man in space, while in the Kremlin, the political repercussions of not being the first nation to put a satellite into orbit are sill being felt. Such concerns are beneath the directors of the two rival Space agencies however, who are proving that even as the cold war gets chillier, co-operation benefits them both.

Meanwhile, in America, Nasa thinks long and hard about Liquid Nitrogen Storage, before remembering that they are actually a supposed space agency and make a public statement that they intend to focus on Aeronautics.

OKБ-1 - Still behind in the race are to go first


Full rendezvous test on the pair of Vostoks in orbit, damaging the second Vostok if necessary, removing all cards. Then see how much money I have left.


Both tests were a success, so with $10 paid to remove the first one, you have $15 million remaining and your rendezvous card is cleared.


The damaged Vostok will be destroyed by re-entry, and more to the point doesn’t get to draw an outcome. But I’ll drop the un-damaged one to test re-entry and remove that outcome.

Remaining $10/$5 goes to (10) buy Landing or (5) recruit Feoktistov.

End turn, end year.


The Lucky Luke attempts to successfully disengage from the damaged Egalite, (Rendezvous)


Something goes wrong on the re-entry, all your sensors fail and the craft careens out of control, splashing down in the Indian Ocean, close to the pirate infested Desert Coast of Africa. While it’s recovery was never in question, the disparate African bandits would crumble before the great armies of the Soviet Union, it costs you $5 million to bribe them to give it back untampered with, allowing you to discover the cause of the gyroscopic failure - a snapped wishbone, mounted too close to a seam in the ceramic shielding was the cause.

You also open a laboratory dedicated to researching ways to land a craft in a relatively precise location, without having to splashdown into an ocean.


The Lucky Luke does successfully disengage from the Egalite, and you have a full grasp of disengaging and engaging technology now, as your last card is removed for free from Rendezvous


Back on Earth, the newly repaired Louis II is retrofitted. The Juno rocket sitting above it is removed.

Fresh from their theoretical labs, comes their first prototype Ion thruster for $10.


Bother. May I retroactively change that Landing to Life Support? Not a problem if not.


Of course!


The Ion Thrusters are attached to the Louis II and hopefully blasted into Earth Orbit.


The launch is a resounding success, you have two cards remaining on your Soyuz rocket card, did you want to reduce that to 1 for $10 by buying off this one?


Yes! $10 spent. $5 Remaining